Design Engineering Inc’s Protect-A-Boots™ solve the problem of spark plug boots and wires, burning and cracking due to heat generated by the exhaust manifold, engine or turbocharger.

Now DEI has introduced some options to make this useful product suitable for even more applications.

The new 7in (178mm) long boots are made from the same double-wall high-temperature resistant glass fibre material as the rest of the range and offer the same great benefits:

  • Helps protect spark plug wires & boots from excessive engine heat
    • Easy installation – just slip the boot on spark plug for maximum protection
    • Withstands temperatures up to 1200°F
    • Woven from high-temperature fibreglass material
    • Double-wall construction for added durability & abrasion resistance
    • 1in internal diameter with no restricting steel ring

The Protect-A-Boot™ 7in Silver Four-Pack can be ordered as part number: 10509 at £29.51 plus delivery and import tax.

Also available:
• Protect-A-Boot™with wire protection kit,
• Two, six and eight-cylinder packs,
• Protect-A-Boot™in various colours – yellow, red, blue and black

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