I made my first visit to the ‘new’ MEV last week since Stewart and Sylvia Mutch acquired the Exocet kit from Stuart Mills back in June 2019.

The company is based in a very smart 3500 sq ft workshop in Staunton, Gloucestershire and visiting them is a very pleasing experience. They’ve carried on the momentum developed by Stuart Mills with the MX-5-based Exocet and have made a few neat developments themselves.

They have added what they call the ‘S’ – or ‘Sport’ – chassis (£600 extra) which features a bit more triangulation and is aimed at those More >


I love the work of Davide Mariscotti of K&Y Fob, an artisan of beautiful key fobs. Indeed, I am the proud owner of one of Davide’s hand-crafted fobs.

He has now branched out into a range of simply beautiful leather bags and my favourite is the Corsa Weekender Bag crafted from suede. As one would expect there’s a nod to motorsport particularly to cars with suede or Alcantara steering wheels and seats. He does like a theme does Davide.

Keeping the classic shape as other Weekenders, this one is very soft to touch and hardwearing and even has a waterproof treatment. Large More >


Laser Tools has just introduced a new range of rubber material, non-slip, semi-rigid tool trays that are ideal for general storage as well as keeping tools handy and in proximity when working. These trays are robust and durable but the flexible, soft-touch material will help prevent scratches on painted surfaces.

There are three trays in the range: part number 8043 is sized at 275mm x 145mm and is divided into three 20mm deep pockets with 15 hex bit holders (1/4in) moulded in.

Part number 8044is larger at 257mm x 232mm and has six pockets plus five socket holders which will take sockets up to a More >


After more years than I care to remember located at Fauld Camp in Tutbury, Wayne Roper’s Europa Spares has moved home!

They’ve recently moved to a new location about five miles away in Needwood and although at the moment they can’t accept visitors it won’t be long until they can at which point all will be welcome!

You’ll now find them at: Unit 6, Lakeside, Lancaster Park, Newborough Road, Needwood, Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire DE13 9PD

They also have a brand-new website which is now much easier to use and among the new products are these glorious Smiths magnolia-faced Mechanical Speedometers with chrome IVA-compliant bezel More >


The new Spring/Summer 2021 Machine Mart catalogue is packed full of all the tools and equipment you need whether it is for a hobbyist, DIY enthusiast or professional.

Featuring over 400 price cuts and new products, the new 500-page spring/summer catalogue is a ‘must have’ for anyone seeking a huge choice of tools and equipment at unbeatable value.

With over 6000 items of tools and machinery in the new catalogue and over 15,000 extra products online, you’ll be sure to find the tools you need!

To order your catalogue simply go online to, visit your local store or call 0844 880 1265 More >


I do love a hard paste wax and I’ve built up a nice collection. To be honest, I don’t always use them, mainly because I’ve found that synthetic polymer liquid waxes, sealants and quick detailers give such great performance and mega levels of levels of gloss I find I don’t have to reach for a paste wax.

They are a bit more labour intensive than quick detailers, for example and it’s true that if you use too much they can be a royal pain to remove let alone buff to a shine. They are a luxurious product though. Find a good More >


Another product from Tenzi’s Pro Detailing range is their Leather Conditioner that is a thick gel that you work into your leather seats.

I had some leather seats that were very dry and slightly cracked and I liberally slathered the product all over the seat squabs. I have to say that when it dried the seats definitely felt more supple and were soft to the touch.

I’m fed up with using leather conditioners, balms and potions that don’t seem to do much, some of them seem to be nothing more elaborate or specialist than a bottle of Oil of Ulay!

At £ 17.76 More >


American brand Pearl Nano make great products and their range is available in the UK from Mitch at Car Cleaning UK.

One of their best, in my view is Carnauba Spray Wax. It contains Brazilian Carnauba, polymers and fillers meaning it can hide minor scratches while also giving an impressive shine.

It is designed to work well with ceramic coated, sealed and waxed surfaces so it is an ideal topper and is also safe and effective on trim and plastics.

I found it easy to use and it gave my paint a soft, silky feel that lasted well.

A 500ml bottle currently costs £15.99 More >


Is it time to throw a little modern technology at your classic aircooled engine to help tackle the age-old issue of oil leaks?

If your answer to that question was a resounding yes, then check out these rocker cover gaskets for the 1200-1600cc engine manufactured by Wolfsburg West using aerospace inspired AMS 3304 Silicone.

Unlike the original cork gaskets which have a habit of shrinking or cracking, these will remain in one piece and will not deform over time, making them 100 per cent reusable over and over again.

To treat your valve covers to a leak free future give the team at More >


Brian Hale’s Iconic Autobody is now producing his Porsche Boxster 987-based 387 Speedster flavoured model as a kit package. Hitherto it has only been available as a fully built car but Brian has now taken the decision to offer it in component form.

It’s the later 987 Boxster version that is available as a kit as the earlier 986 or Mk1 Boxster ‘386’ version isn’t as easily adapted to kit format, but Brian says that if the 987 goes well he’ll also convert the 986 to component form.

If you fancy an Iconic 387 kit then prices start at £11,400. More information More >

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