News from Tim Dutton this week and it concerns new options for his Surf kits.

New ‘Kit Plus’ option for Dutton Surf

This will be ideal for customers who want to build a kit but don’t have the time or facilities to do the heavy work such as fitting suspension/axles, engine and gearbox.

Tim now offers a ‘Kit Plus’ option sitting between his ‘kit’ and ‘fully built’. They strip down your complete front and rear suspension/axles, de-grease and remove surplus rust, check all brake components then spray with Zinc phosphate, marine undercoat and black marine topcoat.

They also pressure wash the engine and gearbox and spray in red marine topcoat and permanently fit all refurbed components to your Surf. Can’t be bad.

Tim and his team will do a lot of the hard work for you as part of the Surf kit plus package including painting the engine in a marine-spec paint

For further information about ‘Kit Plus’ contact Tim at the factory in sunny Littlehampton. By the seaside.

You can deliver your axles/suspension/engine to Tim in advance or it’s cheap and easy to get them shipped just search ‘pallet shipping’ as these companies will also supply the pallet

Also new for 2021 are ‘panoramic’ solid Perspex side-screens available for both Surf and Reef, which replace the fabric/plastic versions.

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