The pushrods’ main job is to transfer the motion of the camshaft’s lobes to the valves. They also help with lubrication for many engines by acting as a portal to move oil from the lifter valley into the cylinder heads.

Nobody understands this better than the high-performance pushrod specialists at Trend Performance. Made from 4130 chrome molybdenum, Trend’s one-piece pre-formed, centreless-ground pushrods are perfect for oval track and drag racing, hot rods, kitcars, muscle cars and even marine use.

Features include:

  • Choice 3/8in-, 5/16in-, 7/16in- and ½in diameters in several wall thicknesses
    •5/16in ball ends machined to a tolerance of +/- .001in
    • Available in lengths from 6in to 11.55in in increments of .025in
    • Available in tapered or non-tapered designs
    • Choice of tube wall thicknesses and diameters
    • Part number and specifications laser-etched into pushrod body
    • Back oxide finish
    • Sold individually or in sets of 8 or 16
    • Made in the USA