Synergy Vitality from Infinity Wax is a solvent-based Si02 sealant that has good longevity and manages to resist shampoo and snow foam.

You apply it one panel at a time via the atomiser spray – applying directly to the panel or using a microfiber cloth.

Give it three minutes to ‘cure’ before buffing off with a short-pile microfibre cloth.

Infinity Wax recommends that you avoid moisture for up to 12 hours following application and what’s even better a 250ml spray bottle costs just £29.99, which is a small price to pay for such a high-quality product.

More information from ENDS.

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Allard Engineering has just announced a brand-new Vapour Blasting (aka wet abrasive) machine. These are a highly effective and less aggressive pre-treatment process prior to adding a protective finish such as powdercoat.

They can also be used as a gentle cleaner where a painted finish is not required.

The vapour blasting process reduces the amount of dust generated and is reckoned to be safer than a dry blasting method and reduces the risk of sand or dust inhalation.

Allard’s J1000 Wet Blaster is small in size, has a single-phase 240volt connection (three-phase is available, however) features a heavy-duty construction and uses recyclable blast More >


A useful lighting source to illuminate remote garages, inspection pit, fine work on the bench or even inside a service tent on a night rally.

The kit includes four 2-watt LED lights, a 7.4v x 5200mah lithium battery, an 8-watt crystalline solar panel plus all connectors.

Easily fully charged using 240v AC adaptor in six hours or average solar in 10 hours.  It will operate all four lights for five hours or one light for 21 hours.

Rally Design bossman, Dave Elderfield said: “The lighting is brighter than we expected and the life is long, if prudent with usage and this is such More >


Clarke’s low profile CMC60 car creeper available now from Machine Mart has an ingenious split back design that allows dual application as either a car creeper or mechanic’s seat.

This car creeper is manufactured with a heavy-duty steel framework with a tough powdercoated finish. The seat area is covered in a wipe-clean faux leather finish with an adjustable back and headrest for added comfort.

Switching between the creeper and seat functions takes only a matter of seconds and no tools are required.

The Clarke 2-in-1 Folding Car Creeper and Seat (CMC60) is available now at £45.59 inc VAT.

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Sealey’s latest Power Tool Promotion has launched!

It features over 290 fantastic deals with discounts of up to 48 per cent off the list price! 28-pages packed full of unmissable combo deals including their SV12 & SV20 Series, discounts on many power tool accessories, and products from their Worksafe range. This promotion is valid until December 31, 2021.

Sealey’s ever-popular SV12 and SV20 One-Battery-Fits-All ranges, where if it’s choice you’re after, they’ve got it. Their SV20 range has a whopping 25 different tools, including low maintenance brushless options and three sizes of battery to choose from, look inside their promotion to view their More >


Mini Spares has released a new shift engagement dog gear kit to supplement its straight and helical-cut gear sets.

The kits are available for rod and remote changes with the following ratios: 2.143,1.486,1.195, 1.1 ratios – C-STN40 rod change and C-STN43 remote change. 2.362,1.564,1.195, 1.1 ratios – C-STN40A rod change and C-STN43A remote change.

The kits retail at £2157.60 each inc VAT. For more details call 01707 607 700 or visit ENDS


Quickly becoming a brand of choice for classic VW and Porsche enthusiasts’ FORST is pleased to announce the expansion of their range to now include hydraulic and friction brake components.

Distributed globally by Heritage Parts Centre, FORST Classic Parts are committed to building consumer confidence and offering value, which is what really attracts customers to the brand explained Paul Howard, Purchasing Director at Heritage Parts Centre: “Our customers expect a range of good quality, affordable replacement parts which they can truly rely on and that is exactly what the FORST brand provides.”

Adding brake hoses, brake pads and brake shoes to the More >


Equilibrium’s Sonic7 is a very impressive kit

Equilibrium Kit Cars has a new owner in the driving seat, as Michael Farrow takes over from Angus and Kate Weijers, who have stepped back from the business to focus on their ever-expanding family.

Mike was in the running to purchase the Sonic 7 design back in 2015 from original designer Stuart Mills of MEV Ltd, but was just pipped at the post by Angus Weijers, who went on to form Equilibrium Kit Cars Ltd.  Enthusiasm for the company’s Sonic 7 undimmed, Mike went on to be Angus’ first buyer of a full kit, and More >


Shift Car Care launches its eco-friendly Waterless Wash

Bringing with it a new approach to the concept of environmentally friendly and economical alternatives to traditional car wash methods, Shift Car Care is pleased to introduce a brand-new range of waterless wash solutions.

The flagship product, Shift Waterless Wash, is an advanced formula, infused with polymer technology to ensure that cleaning paintwork, vinyl, glass, trim and wheels are completely safe and scratch-free. Shift Waterless Wash offers a simple ‘spray-on and wipe-off application and, in addition to fully cleansing surfaces, immediately installs a quartz-based ceramic coating to stop water and road grime from sticking.

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Webcon has announced the introduction of a range of anodised aluminium finish EFI regulators to complement the blue and red versions already available.

The regulators are technically the same as the existing versions but are visually more appropriate for a ‘business like’ natural-metal engine-bay theme.

They are supplied complete with a mounting bracket and 8mm push-on unions.

Prices are as follows: Pressure Part number Price 2.5 bar WFR225 – £100.17 inc VAT 3.0 bar WFR230 – £100.17 inc VAT 3.5 bar WFR235 – £139.15 inc VAT 4.0 bar WFR240 – £115.95 inc VAT 4.3 bar WFR243 – £100.17 inc VAT 4.5 bar WFR245 More >

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