Shift Car Care launches its eco-friendly Waterless Wash

Bringing with it a new approach to the concept of environmentally friendly and economical alternatives to traditional car wash methods, Shift Car Care is pleased to introduce a brand-new range of waterless wash solutions.

The flagship product, Shift Waterless Wash, is an advanced formula, infused with polymer technology to ensure that cleaning paintwork, vinyl, glass, trim and wheels are completely safe and scratch-free. Shift Waterless Wash offers a simple ‘spray-on and wipe-off application and, in addition to fully cleansing surfaces, immediately installs a quartz-based ceramic coating to stop water and road grime from sticking.

With More >


Webcon has announced the introduction of a range of anodised aluminium finish EFI regulators to complement the blue and red versions already available.

The regulators are technically the same as the existing versions but are visually more appropriate for a ‘business like’ natural-metal engine-bay theme.

They are supplied complete with a mounting bracket and 8mm push-on unions.

Prices are as follows: Pressure Part number Price 2.5 bar WFR225 – £100.17 inc VAT 3.0 bar WFR230 – £100.17 inc VAT 3.5 bar WFR235 – £139.15 inc VAT 4.0 bar WFR240 – £115.95 inc VAT 4.3 bar WFR243 – £100.17 inc VAT 4.5 bar WFR245 More >


This is a very versatile little butane gas torch from Laser Tools (part number 7670) that offers two heat levels and three different head angles. The neat size plus adjustable head angles mean that this butane torch is suitable for many heating tasks from shrinking metal panel work to plumbing, allowing easy soldering of difficult to access water pipes.

It is powered by butane gas fuel – normal lighter gas or a propane mix. The flame can be adjusted hard or soft to suit various tasks, soldering, brazing, shrinking, general heating of seized components, etc. The maximum temperature is 1300°C.

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Whether you drive a Triumph or Austin or you are building a Westfield or a Cobra replica, Europa can help with all your lighting and electrical needs. We have a huge range of headlights, indicator lights and safety lighting as well as all the parts you need to keep your lighting in working order. We can help with all of your electrical needs too, this includes, electrical wiring, fuses, fuse boxes, horns, switches, warning lights, bulbs and much much more.

Why not upgrade the lighting on your classic? LED lighting is now an option for many classic cars. LED lights are More >


Jewels is an interesting little UK car care brand based in the North-East and I like their Ruby Shampoo which has an incredibly pleasing Cherry Bakewell smell (you don’t know just how much I LOVE that) that has an equally incredible dilution rate of 1900:1.

For the record, the standard for these sorts of products is 800-900:1, so a few squirts of product into my bucket (don’t forget your grit guard) and standby for a vast amount of suds and bubbles.

It is easy to apply and feels slick and drag-free to use and left my car’s bodywork feeling very smooth, while More >


This one is really aimed at the Jaguar E-type although given that there are lots its XK straight-six engine in use in kitcars, so I thought it had to be in!

Fidanza has announced a new replacement lightweight flywheel for the engine which offers faster throttle response and quicker acceleration, additional horsepower to the wheels (reduced parasitic losses), smoother, faster gear-shifting, easier braking, better slowing (due to reduced rotational mass), reduced clutch wear and improved efficiency (from better heat dissipation), cost savings and longevity (thanks to Fidanza’s replaceable green friction plate – no need to replace the entire flywheel when worn), More >


Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a headlining material that not only looked good but also insulated your vehicle’s interior from exterior heat and noise?

Well, now you can because DEI has released its new Universal Upholstery Material that combines a leather-look perforated vinyl with a sound-insulating foam backing and DEI’s decades of heat insulation know-how.

The material is the ideal solution for any custom interior project including kitcar interiors, classic restorations, roadster hardtops, camper van interiors and van linings; in fact, if it has a roof it can benefit from DEI’s Universal Upholstery Material. (It is also suitable for More >


Sealey’s NEW UK exclusive top-end chargers have a host of key features and benefits including a five-year guarantee and zero-volt charging.

Models are available in three different output charges: 8A, 12A and 16A, and these fully automatic seven-stage Battery Chargers are specifically designed for charging a variety of GEL, AGM, lead-acid and calcium batteries with auto chemistry selection.

They are designed to automatically select and charge 6, 12, or 24V batteries, depending on the battery connected. Zero-volt battery charging enables the recovery and charging of a completely discharged battery (providing any load is removed from the rechargeable battery).

All three Premier Battery Chargers More >


The pushrods’ main job is to transfer the motion of the camshaft’s lobes to the valves. They also help with lubrication for many engines by acting as a portal to move oil from the lifter valley into the cylinder heads.

Nobody understands this better than the high-performance pushrod specialists at Trend Performance. Made from 4130 chrome molybdenum, Trend’s one-piece pre-formed, centreless-ground pushrods are perfect for oval track and drag racing, hot rods, kitcars, muscle cars and even marine use.

Features include:

  • Choice 3/8in-, 5/16in-, 7/16in- and ½in diameters in several wall thicknesses •5/16in ball-ends machined to a tolerance of +/- .001in • Available in More >



Neville Swales’ Building The Legend operation goes from strength to strength. The classic Jaguar specialist first came to prominence with his glorious pastiche of the Jaguar XJ13, while this year saw him launch an equally superb E-type Reimagined. Be prepared to drool is all I’ll say …

Anyway, another product from Swales is the tera®, Building The Legend’s own, unique bespoke quadcam V12 engine.

It is based on the howling V12 unit that former Jaguar chief engineer, Claude Baily designed specifically for the XJ13 and as Neville Swales says: “… a ‘what might have been’ exercise, an engine More >

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