Dr Nick Mason of Essex-based Eco Classics has been electrifying a raft of kit and classic cars for several years including his own – and brilliant – Westfield Eleven.

In recent months he’s also been working on an EV Conversion package that will be suitable for a variety of kitcars powered by the BL A-Series engine (as per the Classic Mini). Not only does Nick’s kit satiate those who are already grasping electric propulsion but it also gives it a huge power hike. If you’ve got a kitcar that utilises the Mini’s front subframe then you should be able to use Nick’s kit.

Performance is also boosted and the 0-60mph sprint now comes up in 4.7-seconds.

You can choose between 24kWh (100-mile range) or 44kWh (170-mile range and this option also has fast charging capability) battery pack while the kit comes as standard with a Quaife ATB limited-slip diff and a bespoke gearbox.

Prices start at £28,800 inc VAT for the 100kWh option.

More information is available from www.ecoclassics.co.uk or 07919 103 000 ENDS.