I really like the Furore F1 project, and I always enjoy speaking with the project’s creator, Russ Bost.

He’s recently updated the model to bring the styling more in line with latest Formula One car styling with areas such as front wing, engine cover, side panels, faux airbox and rear wing. Quite considerable amendments really!

Russ has also cleverly revised the lighting making them brighter but less visible and the part I like the most he’s also given it an F1 car style bad weather rear light. When it rains, F1 drivers are required to turn on the single rear red light.

Current kit prices start at £2895 for the chassis pack but Russ is still to announce the cost of the new panels.

So, if you fancy swanning down your local high street in a very effective take on a Formula One car then you know where to go. Having driven a couple of Russ’ demo cars over the years it really is a well-developed and fine handling kit. Sure, it will raise eyebrows at your local ASDA supermarket but the Furore F1 is so much more than just an ace promotional tool or gimmick.

As an aside, Russ would be happy to hear from anyone interested in taking the project on. As he told me, he’s had a ball enjoying his hobby over the years although now feels the time is right for someone new to take over. SERIOUS ENQUIRIES ONLY, PLEASE.

More from www.furorecars.co.uk or call 07914 258 651 ENDS.