Now you can install heat and soundproofing material, as well as carpet and headlining, without the mess or masking associated with spray adhesive.

DEI’s Adhesive Transfer Tape is a very aggressive, pressure-sensitive, double-sided tape designed to bond materials whilst maintaining a high-tack level.

The tape is also heat resistant which means that when the sun is shining your headlining won’t end up falling on your head! In fact, DEi’s Adhesive Transfer Tape will cope with temperatures from -30 to 120 degrees celsius.

The tape is available in single (#50205 – £10.94) or dual-roll packs (#50207 – £20.99). The tape measures 3in wide and comes in 32ft lengths.

Prices shown are for supply direct from DEI in America and will be subject to import tax, shipping costs and handling fees. UK and European customers are recommended to check local DEI official dealers for prices.