Discover amazing new seasonal offers in the latest edition of the Tool Promotion from SEALEY, showcasing an extensive collection of over 1400 products and 60 new lines. This edition focuses on Vehicle Maintenance, Heaters, and Lighting but, as always, you will find discounts on selected products across all their ranges, ensuring you find the perfect deal inside!

Innovative Vehicle Maintenance Solutions:

Innovative additions have been added to their vehicle service range, like the AK527 Bumping Mallet, designed with a hex head shape for evenly distributed force, and the AK528 Dashboard Protection Set, perfect for use during windscreen removal.

SEALEY has also launched the More >


Summit Racing’s new Press Brake Attachments turn your bench vise, or press, into a precision bending metal tool that can make up to 90° bends in steel and aluminium.

The bench vise model works with 6in or wider vises and can bend materials up to 6in wide.

The shop press model works with most 12- or 20-tonne presses. It can handle 12in wide material up to 3/16in thick; 6in wide material up to 5/16in thick; and 3in wide materials up to 3/8in thick.

For more information visit Summit Racing™ Press Brake Attachments ENDS.


Another nice Zero Mazda Build was recently in the GBS workshop for IVA Service which caught my eye.


This build has recently left the Great British Sports Cars workshop for the company’s IVA Service and is now waiting for its age-related registration plats and V5C to come through before it can be enjoyed on the road.

While it was there GBS did a short overview video of the car that can now be seen on the GBS YouTube Channel.

Below are more details on the spec of this particular Mazda build: Mazda Zero Plus Kit / Standard Chassis / ATR Throttle Bodies / More >


The website has become a favourite and they always have specialist cars crop up for auction there. Two more caught my eye this month.

Best-known for their 911 clones Covin also produced a more than decent Speedster replica

A very tidy COVIN SPEEDSTER – and an extremely rare gem from France made by BSH GORDINA R8, which stands for François BENAIS and Max SAINT-HILAIRE although they set up a company called Issy Automobiles Plastiques to sell them.

A rare French kit – the BSH GORDINI R8

By the time they moved the project on in 1972, beach buggy maker MARLAND acquired the project More >


If you need to securely grasp and turn threaded bars, studs, or hex nuts with a diameter of up to 10mm, then reach for the new Threaded Rod Wrench from Laser Tools (part number 8704). This versatile tool is specifically engineered for a range of applications, including suspended-ceiling trunking rods, or cylinder head and manifold studs. It boasts a swivel handle with a knurled grip, which helps if access is limited, and can be fitted with a tether or lanyard when working at elevated heights.

Compact and portable, making it easy to carry, its open design allows usage at any position More >


Merlin Motorsport has plenty of quality Jetex Exhaust Systems and fittings on their Wiltshire shelves and they stock large quantities of Jetex Custom Build parts in both mild- and stainless steel.

Universal exhaust bends, straight lengths and exhaust silencers allow you to build your own performance exhaust system.




Garage and workshop owners have been buying Clarke hydraulic presses from Machine Mart for years and years and now they have added a new model to their range.

The new Clarke CSA20EP 20 Tonne Economy Hydraulic Floor Press utilises a hydraulic bottle jack mechanism to achieve an impressive 20 Tonne (2000kg) pressing capacity.

This floor press is constructed from high-quality steel and finished with a durable powdercoated finish for corrosion resistance and is provided with two flatbed plates.

Capacity 20 Tonnes Throat Depth 337-937mm Throat Width 465mm RAM Travel 150mm Weight 85kg Dimensions (WxDxH) 650x540x1500mm

The Clarke CSA20EP is available to buy now More >


A nice seasonal BRITISH RACING GREEN special sale is currently on at Europa Specialist Spares and it’s been extended until January! Can’t be bad.

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Here’s one for our growing number of North American readers from Summit Racing.

The Optima Digital 200+ Battery Maintainer is designed for 12-volt lead-acid, AGM and lithium iron starting batteries, especially smaller motorcycle and powersports batteries.

It has an LED glow bar that indicates charging status. It also has a pre-charge status button with a five-bar display that will show you the approximate state of charge in the battery before you start charging it.

Other features include: • 2-amp charging rate • Energy-saving auto maintain mode for long-term/seasonal storage • Reverse polarity and over-temperature protection

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As we closed for press, we heard that RS Retro, producers of a beautiful Ford RS200 pastiche has changed hands.

The owner of the business is RS200 fanatic, West Midlands-based businessman, Mark Murphy, who has achievable plans for the business, which involves continuing to supply kits and fully built cars while developing the products.

Mark certainly has a fine starting point on which to build. We’ll be bringing you more on this very soon.

In the meantime visit the nicely revamped website at ENDS.