Leading TVR parts supplier Motaclan is thrilled to announce that, with the arrival of the newly re-manufactured T350 MkII and Sagaris windscreens from June 2024, they are now able to supply screens for all models from M Series to Sagaris, directly from stock.

Made using the original factory tooling and traditional methods, Motaclan has teamed up with specialist glass supplier Pilkington Classics, based in Redditch, and reintroduced this product for TVR Owners.

Pilkington has been producing glass for over 70 years, as an OEM and aftermarket supplier. The respected firm is one of the largest suppliers of automotive glass in the world. Globally, 1 in 5 cars contains Pilkington glass, but even with an ever-expanding range for modern applications, they have not forgotten about their heritage and currently hold over 4000 classic screens for a range of cars from the 1950s, still branded as the original would have been.

This TVR Glass was originally produced by the Saint Gobain factory in Finland, which closed at the end of December 2020. Pilkington’s bespoke factory specialising in this classic production is also in Finland, located very close to the original plant, meaning the tooling has been on something of a round trip, having enjoyed a sabbatical in Motaclan’s West Midlands HQ while this new deal was being set up.

Despite being a brand new product, the new TVR screens are made with a hat-tip to a 70-year-old, time-served production method. First, the basic glass is diamond cut from a flat section using the original plywood templates, then the glass has its raw edges ground and finished by hand. All artwork, bending, heat cycling and final finishing were done as they ever were, making these screens absolutely identical in design and construction to the original factory parts.

Each one features a unique identification number which shows the type, thickness and tint of the glass. It also tells you where the glass was constructed meaning it can be traced back to the original production factory.

Motaclan’s screens for Griffith, Chimaera, Tuscan and Sagaris, whilst off the original tooling, have had to be re-homologated for the change in production facility and are now branded Motaclan to reflect this and the change of production to Pilkington.

Motaclan are the only source of these genuine original design, fully homologated windscreens for those looking to do a perfect rebuild or restoration.

For more information on Motaclan’s extensive range of TVR and British car parts, please click to motaclan.com ENDS.