Here’s a new ‘must-have’ from Laser Tools – a set of 24 crimped wire brushes (part number 8862), each fitted with a 6mm shank and suitable for use with any electric or cordless drill. It includes both cup and flat-style brushes that are ideal for cleaning, deburring and surface preparation on a wide variety of surfaces.

The set includes 6 x 50mm diameter and 6 x 100mm flat-type crimped wire brushes plus 6 x 50mm and 6 x 76mm cup-style wire brushes. All the brushes have a 6mm shank with the brush wires being copper-plated steel for strength and durability and stiff enough to reach small corners and crevices. The copper plating also minimises sparking and wire breakage.

The recommended maximum speed is 4500rpm and these brushes are perfect for cleaning and finishing stainless steel and other metals, removing dirt, rust and corrosion, thread-cleaning, paint-removal and weld-slag cleaning.

Keep a set in your toolbox – available now for purchase from your Laser Tools stockist and online retailers.

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