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More new products from Europa Specialist Spares are of a seating nature.

The Cobra Roadster SS in vinyl is based on the timeless style of seat dating back to the early sixties and they can be custom-built to your specifications. Prices start at £286.80 inc VAT each.

The second new chair is a Corbeau Classic Bucket Seat with a headrest and in wide fitting. This is one of the most iconic classic-style seat designs available. These cost £427.20 inc VAT each.

For more information on these and everything else the company stocks visit or call 01283 815 609 ENDS.

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Webcon has announced that their superb MSX crossflow cylinder head for the MGB is once again in full production and is available from stock.

The head is manufactured from lightweight aluminium, which makes it approximately 50 per cent lighter than the stock iron head. It is also easier to modify and has significantly better heat dissipation qualities.

The MSX crossflow cylinder head allows the fitment of a pair of Weber DCOE carburettors or DCOE-style throttle bodies using the appropriate intake manifold.

The item is available with or without valves and springs as follows:

Without Valves/Springs – Part no. 9990261300 – £1501 inc VAT

Fully assembled More >


Given the age of surviving Ford Crossflow and Pre-Crossflow engines, most will be in need of a timing chain replacement by now.

With this in mind, Burton Power has a complete Timing Chain Replacement Kit that includes camshaft sprocket, crankshaft sprocket, timing chain, front crankshaft seal, chain tensioner pad, camshaft sprocket lock tab and front cover/water pump gasket.

The kit is suitable for both Ford Pre-Crossflow OHV Kent and Ford Crossflow OHV Kent engines and can be ordered as part number FP618K at just £48 inc. VAT. Applications for this are numerous and include literally thousands of kitcars.


For further details call 0208 More >


An interesting new spray paint service may be of interest to totalkitcar/TKC Mag readers.

The Touch Up Paint Factory has just launched their new website and service for DIY car painters in need of touching up their kitcar’s bodywork or just wanting to tackle a smaller job in their garage.

TUPF say that they have over 250,000 colours available and their paint can give a professional-grade finish if used according to the instructions.

They offer colour-matched tins and also handy touch-up ‘pens’ for getting into stone chips and the like. Both options feature a custom pigment, a clear coat additive and also a More >


I’m a paid-up fan of the t-shirts by Charles Goddard of Studio 1710 and they’ve just announced a new batch of classic-themed t-shirts which include pre-war MG racecars and Baja monsters like ‘Big Oly’ Ford Bronco.

Lots of other options available and excellent quality and value for money starting at £19.50. More from ENDS.


Here’s one primarily for our North American readers.

The main culprit for overheating engines is almost always the same: not having a properly fitted radiator fan shroud. A shroud too small to cover the entire surface area of the radiator reduces the amount of cool air funnelled through the radiator by as much as 50 per cent.

Leave the shroud off due to a lack of space results in almost zero low-speed cooling and a hot engine that spits onto the ground.

The DeWitts Radiator Universal Brushless Electric Fan Kit will fix that. Its heat-resistant, GRP shroud is super-thin design (only 3¾in thick) to More >


The qualities of DEI’s heatshield wrapping, rolls and tailor-made products are well-known, but sometimes just a small area of heat protection is required; for instance, to protect other engine bay components from turbo heat or to prevent accidental burns from hot exhausts.

DEI is now offering handy-sized Universal Heat Shield Pads for instant heat protection precisely where it’s needed.

The pads are made from double-sided high-grade stainless steel with a high-temperature insulation layer. The welded seams seal the insulation between the stainless steel outers making for a durable, long-lasting shield. Grommet holes are provided at the corners for easy mounting.

DEI Universal Heat More >


This special online-only Father’s Day promotion by Sealey is valid from June 20, 2021.

Inside you will find: Tool Kits, including a 70pc Cantilever Toolbox; Drill & Bit Accessory Sets, Fans to keep Dads cool, and more gifts for DIY enthusiasts! 

Another product featured is Sealey’s Rubber Bottom Tool Storage Bag (AP509). Perfect for keeping tools organised, the bag has a large compartment to keep tools clean, dry and organised at home or on the go.

A fantastic product for all those little ‘bits and bobs’ is the Wall-Mounted 24 Bin & Panel Storage Combination (TPS132). It comes with a heavy-duty steel back More >


When using a drill (cordless or corded) the size of the drill can sometimes cause access problems. This 150mm quick-chuck extension bar from Laser Tools (part number 3160) solves this problem by offering the extra reach required.

This is a straight extension, with a quick-chuck fitting at one end and a quick-chuck at the other, effectively extending the drill’s chuck forward by 150mm. The narrow head design of the quick chuck also aids access. The extension is manufactured in one piece from chrome vanadium steel and the chuck is stainless steel.

If you regularly use a cordless drill or powered screwdriver fitted More >


Exciting news from Terry Matthews of Marlin Cars this week. I’ll let Terry tell us about it.

An open letter from Terry Matthews

New ownership for Marlin Cars, the 5EXi and Avatar Sportscars. 

This year – April 14 – it was seven years since Mark’s (all-round MUCH-MISSED good guy and Terry’s husband, Mark Matthews) passing. As always, I spent the day reflecting on all the memories that we had created during our 30-years together and as you would expect, so many of them were Marlin-based.

In keeping with this, on that day, I added to those memories as I said goodbye to Mark’s final More >