This summer the UK experienced high temperatures the like of which we’ve never seen before, so it’s good to know DEI has improved the formula of its Hi-Temp Spray Adhesive.

The new formula is sure to maintain its bond despite the hottest of heatwaves.

Now you can park your car in the sun, safe in the knowledge that DEI’s Hi-Temp Spray Adhesive won’t let go. The headlining will stay where it’s supposed to be and not draped over the seats!

DEi has also redesigned the can and made it bigger; so it will go even further so that you can get even more jobs out of one can.

DEI’s Hi-Temp Spray Adhesive is a very aggressive, high-build, pressure-sensitive adhesive designed to bond porous substrates while maintaining a high level of tack. DEI’s Hi-Temp Spray Adhesive is useful for bonding foam, fabric, metals, wood and, (of course) DEI’s heat and sound barrier materials and Boom Mat under-carpet products.

• Low VOC. We made it California Compliant to SCAQMD Rule 1168 – the toughest in the USA
• Very Aggressive, High Tack Adhesive – you only need to do the job once
• Single-Sided Application – uses less adhesive
• High Build Web Spray – better coverage without repeated spraying
• High Strength – long-term bond, even in strong sunlight
• Ozone Friendly – of course

Order as part number 10492 at £17.18 plus import tax and shipping.

For more information about this and DEI’s complete line of performance heat and sound control products, visit ENDS.