West Yorkshire-based, M-A-N Motorsport is making good progress with formulating their plans for the DAX Rush. The three constituent parts of the company, Matt Pett, Anthony Cockroft and Nigel Barker, are realists and understand that you have to walk before you can run.

However, that doesn’t mean that they are standing still. Far from it. They have been working hard on the BMW M3-based demonstrator they acquired as part of the project purchase and have also sourced a very cool-looking Rush M/C with motorcycle power that will act as a demo car for those who want one of the finest Lotus More >


Now, here’s a cool product that got me wondering why I hadn’t thought of it!

It’s called the EZ Oil Drain Valve and is a very simple yet innovative idea that replaces your sump plug, with a tap-type valve. This means that when it’s time to drain your oil you just open the valve to drain your system, easily and without a mess all over you and your driveway.

It requires a twin-action to open, so can’t be done inadvertently. The US manufacturer hopes to have a UK distributor very soon although in the meantime is more than happy to ship to More >


New from leading US car care brand Surf City Garage is Code Red™ Active Wheel Cleaner, – no more mercy, no more brake dust™!

The maker’s make it clear that this is not your dad’s old wheel cleaner! If you’re tired of the same old, wimpy wheel cleaner that’s weak, dull and short-lived, they suggest you give this product a try.

In fact, they dare you to call in a Code Red! Wheels take a beating from the road and this wheel cleaner is just what you’ve been waiting for. Its acid-free formula actively hunts down brake dust and other contaminants, making More >


I’m a big fan of the underdog, always have been. That translates to my love of specialist cars and also niche products from small producers, great stuff like Sugru, GuHu, ValetPRO and a lovely range of car detailing products made in the West Midlands called Pride & Joy…

I first met, Derrick Hemingsley at Stoneleigh in May, when he introduced me to his range of products. Now, regular readers will know I am an avid, make that obsessional, collector of car detailing products, so I can be a little sceptical about new arrivals.

However, there was something about Pride & Joy and More >


Here’s a handy little item from electrical products meisters, 12-Volt Planet is a 56-piece kit containing an assortment of zinc-plated P-clips with rubber linings. The sort of items that are ideal for kit and specialist car enthusiasts.

All clips are 12.7mm wide with 6.2mm diameter mounting holes and the whole ensemble comes packaged in a durable, clear plastic box with dividers to keep the different sizes separate.

More from or 01491 838 761 ENDS.


Really (or should that be – ‘Wheely’ – sorry, Ed) handy product from Rally Design are these new Wheel Skates.

I wouldn’t suggest using them as a hybrid rollerskate skateboard combo-type effort, BUT they could be really handy for moving large items around your garage or workshop, without running the risk of damage or having to move struggle moving large objects around.

The skates give 12in lift and can accommodate vehicle wheels up to 12in wide while being able to cope with up to 680kg load capacity. A snip at £59.80 inc VAT each.

More from or 01227 792 792 ENDS.

More >


Webcon is pleased to announce they can now offer the American-made Facet Red Top Electronic Fuel Pump.

The pump runs at 6.0-8.0 psi pressure and flows at 40 US gallons per hour and has ¼- npt threads for both inlet and outlet and is certified to EEC 95/54 requirements.

The pump can be ordered as part number 480532 and retails at £102.50 inc VAT, while unions and rubber-mounting kits are available separately from Webcon, if required.

For further details contact Webcon UK on 01932 787 100 or visit ENDS.


Burton Power can now offer these new OPi filter heads, which have been specifically designed to improve oil flow.

Using CNC machining, the ports have been carefully profiled with bends to guide the oil and maximise flow, reducing the risk of oil cavitation.

All sharp edges and corners have been eliminated to further improve the flow and these universal fit remote heads are highly recommended for all high revving or high flow dry sump systems. They are available with inlet on right or outlet on left, or even, vice versa.

The right-to-left flow version can be ordered as part number OPIRFH2 and the More >


As an official AP Racing distributor, Co-ordSport is pleased to announce that they are one of the first outlets to stock AP Racing’s new Radi-CAL R5 Brake Fluid. The product has been designed to perform better than any other product at the extremes of heavy duty braking performance in the top levels of racing.

With the highest dry boiling point of any racing brake fluid currently available, at 340°C (644°F) AP claim that R4 stands alone. It has an outstanding resistance to vapour lock or pedal fade under the most exacting conditions. A higher vapour lock point means a firmer brake More >


Plenty going on, as usual, at the Nottingham home of Road Track Race.

Among the many kits and cars going through the doors is a rather special TR1ke for Thor, who apart from being the Norse God of Thunder, is a trike-loving, Scandanavian who is fortunate enough to live somewhere that has guaranteed sunshine for ninety percent of the year.

Crete is his home and consequently, will shortly be the home of this fabulous and somewhat bespoilered, gold and black TR1ke.

it’s left hand drive of course and benefiting from a buttonshift Kliktonic system that gives imperceptible and instant gear-changes as well as More >