New products are being added all the time to Great British Sportscars’ Kit Spares inventory and this vivid bright orange GRP bucket seat is the latest

The sturdy two-piece construction for extra strength will suit most Lotus Seven-inspired sportscars, whether they be used for race, rally or road.

The seat can be bolted directly to the floor or to a seat-runner and is available now with prices from £170 per seat

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My love of car detailing products is well-known and as a result it’s a regular occurrence for various new products to be presented for test.

Some don’t really cut the mustard to be honest, but others really are quite special and need the promotion that webzines and magazines like ours can provide. One outstanding range of products that we’ve recently discovered this way is Care-a-Van’s Pride and Joy, made right here in the UK (Black Country) and truly superb.

Another good discovery of late has been another Californian range of car care products called Shining Monkey, which is now available in the More >


The kitcar industry’s favourite tyre manufacturer, Toyo, has released details of two new sizes for its popular Proxes T1 Sport tyre. In addition to the impressive range already available, owners and tuners now also have the option of both a 225/45/ZR19 and 225/50ZR17 fitment.

This sector of the market has been one of Toyo’s many areas of excellence for several years now, and this new tyre builds on the technology proven of the rest of ultra-high performance Proxes range.

The Proxes T1 Sport builds on this proven design philosophy, but adds several new tricks into the mix to create a tyre that runs More >


Gloucestershire based Forge Motorsport has recently invested heavily in the very latest 3D printing and scanning technology, in order to allow the firm to stay at the forefront of precision component design and manufacture.

As an OEM supplier to the likes of Subaru UK and Isuzu UK, as well as the engineering force behind many blue-chip tuning brands, Forge has always pushed the boundaries of innovation with the latest CNC machine tool technology. Adding to this, the latest additions to its rapid prototyping division will allow the firm to engineer new products much more quickly and accelerate its already impressive speed-to-market More >


Really intriguing press release popped into my inbox the other day. It hailed from a Newcastle-upon-Tyne-based company, Furniture Clinic and I was about to press ‘delete’ due me wondering what the car care relevance of a furniture polish was, I noticed that the company’s Fabricoat kit is aimed at bringing your soft-top back to rude health.

Reading more intently I noticed the claim: “Even though fabric roofs are becoming ever more advanced, they still fight a daily battle with the elements and can suffer from fading and colour loss over time.” Very true.

Therefore Furniture Clinic reckon that their Fabricoat kit is More >


Aftermarket performance meisters, Edelbrock has just launched a new intake manifold with a direct port nitrous system included and all-in-one-box.

These systems make it easy to install a performance-matched Edelbrock direct port nitrous system and intake manifold onto a small-block or big-block Chevrolet engine. All of the supplied stainless steel hard lines have been pre-formed to deliver a precisely atomised and consistent mixture of nitrous and fuel.

The plumbing and distribution blocks have been routed to ensure ease of use with various high performance carburettors and cylinder head combinations. These systems are capable of delivering an additional to 250+ horsepower according to More >


You know how it goes. You’ve cleaned your car and it looks spotlessly clean and gleaming, apart from that black tar stain on the bonnet that your polish won’t budge. Rub it any harder and you’re going to burn through the gelcoat or take the lacquer off your paint finish.

Adhesive residue can be stubborn to shift

We’ve all been there and it’s annoying to say the least – The answer could be GuHu’s Graffiti, Tar & Gum Remover, which I used recently on one of my cars to shift the stubborn remains of a Wishbone Ash sticker that I couldn’t shift.

A More >


There are some superb products around that are so versatile that they can give sterling service in a multitude of uses. One of my favourites and one of the very best is SUGRU®. Indeed, it’s one of our favourites, here at tkc mag/totalkitcar.

I’ve used it around the house as a kind of sheath for some frayed electrical cables, as a resistor for a metal-handled saucepan lid that made it heat resistant and also helped repair a key-ring.

Sugru® is so ingenious it means ‘making do’ doesn’t have to be an option anymore as it enables you to repair, modify and evolve More >


When servicing a suspension strut it’s important not to mount it directly in the vice because the force required to hold it securely is likely to damage the strut’s cylinder body.

The new strut vice clamp from Laser Tools (part number 5862) is mounted in any suitable bench-vice, horizontally or vertically, whichever if the most convenient, and mounts the strut securely so that dismantling can be carried out safely and conveniently.

It is also very useful when working on exhaust pipes or components, or indeed any cylindrical part that needs to be mounted securely.

It is robustly manufactured, fully adjustable, features a quick More >


Early June saw Keith Bird and Richard Hall of Great British Sportscars venturing across the channel withone of the company’s Zero demonstrators for a trackday at the Nürburgring in Germany.

GBS' Keith Bird and Richard Hall were at a famous German race circuit earlier this month demonstrating the GBS Zero

The event had been organised by GBS’ German dealer and although a long trip and a tiring trackdayl starting at 8am and finishing at 5pm, with an open pitlane all day, Keith and Richard had a blast enjoyed it very much and report how well the Zero’s performed.

It goes without saying that More >