New from Bosch is this mobile pressure washer, which they call Fontus.

You don’t need a power hook-up or even an outside water supply.

All you have to do is charge up 2.5Ah battery (£62.18 if bought separately) and fill up the 15-litre water reservoir.

It is ideal if you live in a flat or apartment although if you don’t have an external garage or shed you need to bear in mind that the unit itself weighs about 10kg although bear in mind that 15-litres of water weighs an additional 15kg.

It is quick to set-up and is easy to manoeuvre on the level thanks to the wheels and it has four spray settings – a pencil jet for stubborn dirt, a 15° fan jet for precision on smaller surfaces, a 50° fan jet to rinse larger areas, and a shower jet for gentle cleaning.

It has an attachable SmartBrush which is ideal for rinsing windows and bike wheels. More on this one soon.

The unit costs £204.34 and is available from ENDS.