Revell’s Dromida range of 1/18-scale radio-controlled cars hits the spot for those looking for an affordable, yet capable product that includes all-you-need in the box, with most parts already pre-installed on the chassis. Just insert the ‘AA’ batteries in the 2.4GHz radio, charge and install the NiMH battery pack — and you’re ready to go.

Waterproof electronics means that the cars can run on dirt, sand, wet grass and even snow, without worry, while the high-intensity LED lights show the way. The models also include ‘big bore’ dampers, large M370 brushed motor, independent steering servo, high traction tyres, four-wheel shaft-drive, adjustable More >


For many years, Wilwood Brakes importer, Rally Design, has supplied a spacer kit to properly gap the solid disc M16 caliper allowing it to accept a vented disc, this product is still available to expand OEM calipers.

However, the company now has available a version of the M16 caliper, which is available with a wider casting to readily accept a vented disc without the need for additional spacers.

Part no RD3724 costs £111.60 inc VAT per pair.

Available now from or 01227 792 792 ENDS.


The ability to be able to grab your Impact Wrench and start work without the worry of it running out of charge part way through a job can be an issue for many.

However, with Sealey’s NEW CP3005 18V ½in drive model, you are able to grab-and-go thanks to the spare Lithium-ion battery supplied as standard.

The spare battery means you can keep one charging while the other is in use. Not only is this a help, but the pure power and torque of the CP3005, which comes in at 650Nm (480lb/ft), means even the most stubborn of wheel nuts can be More >


This micro ratchet set from Laser Tools (part no 5822), is very cool and features two 80mm long ratchets, both suitable for automotive as well as hobbyist uses.

One ratchet is ¼in drive, the other a hex bit driver — a Ph2 bit is included. Both feature a super-smooth 60-tooth reversible ratchet drive with a narrow profile head for comfort and ease of access. The tools are chrome plated and polished, well balanced and a pleasure to use.

The set is available now from your local Laser Tools supplier, typically priced at £25.66 inc VAT, but remember to check for the best More >


I’m a big fan of the Thruxton GT and I was particularly impressed to see a lightweight GT-R version making its debut at totalkitcar LIVE. Although it looks similar the new one weighs in at just 600kg, a whopping 140kg saving over standard.

Jim Walker, boss of manufacturer’s, JW Engineering, told me that weight has been shaved from every area of the car from chassis to bodyshell, although the easy-to-remove body simply bolts-on for easy removal.

Power comes from a K-Series Turbo that delivers 220bhp, a big increase over the unit’s standard 156bhp, achieved by turning the turbo’s wick up to 9psi More >


Starting my motoring  journalist career on a great magazine called ‘Kitcars & SPECIALS’ had a major influence on me and a big respect, admiration and fascination for the homebrew  that is a  ‘special’. It has to be said that you sometimes wonder why some people have ventured outside the fixed kit and build manual norm by tackling a scratch build.

It has to be said that some specials look like they’ve been inadvertently created by an explosion at a baked bean factory.  However, there have been some cracking cars built over the years. Of course, the ‘special’ goes back a lot More >


This smart, compact airbox from Forge Motorsport ticks a lot of boxes for those looking to improve the performance and sound of their car’s intake system, without falling foul of the dreaded ‘heat soak’ problem that can affect open induction set-ups.

Many enthusiasts like to add a performance intake to their car. Not only do you get a great improvement in sound, but if mounted in the right place, a larger filter can increase airflow into the intake. All too often though, filters will end-up drawing in warm under-bonnet air circulating around the engine bay, so while they allow more flow More >


Burton Power has just released their own performance oil sumps for Zetec E and Duratec HE14 engines. These sumps are ideal for kitcar use or when transplanting one of these engines into a rear wheel drive car.

The Zetec E Sump is an alloy casting made from LM27 alloy and fitted with a bolt-in baffle. It has been designed to allow easy fitment of the Zetec E engine and is supplied with pickup, dipstick, dipstick tube, sump gasket and sealer and fits both ‘Silver’ and ‘Black’ top engines. Order as part number FZ654 at £441 inc. VAT.

Burton Power also produces a More >


Goodridge, the world’s best-known steel braided brake-hose manufacturers, has just released a Classic Black range of hoses, which look original and period but give all the performance benefits of the latest Goodridge performance brake-line kits.

These ‘Classic’ kits use the Goodridge Vintage Black style hoses to give the external impression of an original rubber brake-line, however, they still keep the stainless steel braid and PTFE inner liner to give greatly improved braking

performance and pedal feel.

Having been established since 1969, Goodridge has the largest braided brake-line kit listings and can cater for a wide range of vehicles dating all the way back More >


A new in-car gadget that records all activity and detects speed cameras, while drivers are behind the wheel, is now available from Cheshire-based Snooper, which is celebrating 35-years at the forefront of motoring technology.

Snooper’s DVR-3HD can fit neatly behind the rear view mirror and is attached with a simple suction holder. From this position, a high-definition camera records exactly what the motorist sees during their journey, which is viewed either through the built-in 2.4in LCD screen for instant playback or footage stored to the microSD card for future reference.

The inclusion of speed trap alerts from Snooper’s award-winning Aura™ database will More >