The Elite Pulse was unveiled at last year’s Stoneleigh show and impressed many with its high-quality levels of engineering. The car is very much aimed at circuit use with an estimated DIY build price north of £20,000.

In a new move, the men behind the project, Eddie Ives and well-known motorsport engineer, Steve Wills, have now come-up with a less expensive version that is targeted at road-users, so it does away with stuff like oval wishbones, pushrod suspension and Rose-joints and replaces them with polyurethane bushes and more conventional suspension although retaining the Pulse’ geometry.

Rather than Ford Duratec power the new More >


I’m a big follower of the car care detailing scene and regularly receive counselling for addiction to the smells of various polishes and elixirs and my tendency to be a kleptomaniac of such products.

Any new range of products is eagerly welcomed, especially one with such a snappy name and branding as GuHu BioClean, which is a varied selection of eco-friendly cleaning products aimed at protecting the environment.

The range originates from the US but are now available in the UK and Europe and includes such as Super Solv stain remover, Degreaser, Multi Purpose Cleaner, Traffic Film Remover, Window Cleaner and Car More >


The UK’s most renowned car accessory supplier, Richbrook, is now offering a range of professionally-tailored, British manufactured, luxury car mats that are hand-cut and assembled exclusively for your vehicle.

Individually produced and assembled to order, Richbrook’s luxury car mats are constructed from hard-wearing, soft touch, 980g tufted nylon carpet; pile that is deep and soft to the touch yet durable, meeting the highest quality control standards of Richbrook, who have been supplying officially licensed accessories to a plethora of established manufacturers such as Ford and Vauxhall for over 21-years.

Mats are available in sets of four covering the front and rear foot More >


Off the back of the overwhelming success of its recently launched metric stainless steel bleed nipples, Hosetechnik, the performance braking division of Forge Motorsport, has released a whole raft of other new products to help owners of BMC and Leyland Group-based kitcars (and the original vehicles, obviously), which usually have 3/8 and ¼ UNF sized bleed nipples.

The new fitments mean that now, these cherished cars can be catered for with a truly future-proof component. Hosetechnik has engineered each of the products from aerospace-grade material, after a large number of requests from its dealers and end-users to create a ‘fit and More >


MOMO has announced the addition of a new gearknob to their collection of er, gearknobs.

The SK50 embodies the racing essence of MOMO, with its design derived from their motorsport experience. The simple, yet sophisticated all-aluminium body is machined from billet and then treated to an anodised glossy silver finish.

The top pad is printed with the ‘MOMO’ logo with a second inscription on the base ferrule, providing a true racing look for any street, classic, race or kitcar.

SK50 wears an RRP of £59.99 inc VAT.

For more details contact Momo UK on 01268 764 411 or visit ENDS.

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I like the look of this - ATS SPORT

Interesting news from Italy this week concerning the re-birth of the historic ATS marque, originally founded back in 1963 by a group of disgruntled Ferrari engineers, including Carlo Chiti and Giotto Bizzarrini.

They produced the achingly pretty ATS (Automobili Turismo e Sport) 2500GT road-car and also a short-lived Formula One car, the ATS Tipo 100, driven by Phil Hill. I often smile when this iteration of ATS is confused (by supposedly knowledgeable motorsport ‘experts’!) with the ATS Wheels operation run by Günther Schmidt, a completely separate motorsport team, based in Germany.

Anyway, back to More >


The Mishimoto Thermostatic Oil Sandwich Plate is a lightweight mount for remote oil filters with the added benefit of thermostatically-controlled warm-up for the lubrication system.

The built-in thermostat prevents oil flow to the cooler until the engine oil reaches activating temperature, allowing both a faster warm-up at start-up and extra oil system protection in cold climates. The included 185-degree F thermostat can be changed for a 160-degree F or 200-degree F (93 C) degree unit, adding precise control of your required engine oil operating temperature.

The high-flow sandwich plate is made from 6061 aluminium and connects through two M20 x 1.5 Ports More >


These two new star bits (T55, part no 5719, T60, part no 5720) from Laser Tools have been specifically designed for cylinder head bolts. The ½in drive bits are extra-long (140mm) for access and very strong to undo tight and stubborn cylinder head bolts. The socket is chrome vanadium and the bit is S2 steel.

Should be in every vehicle technician’s toolbox at just £10.68 inc VAT and £11.28 inc VAT for the T60 5720 but remember to check your local Laser Tools supplier for the best prices and special offers.

More details from ENDS.


The piston for 1098cc ‘A’-Series engines was designed with four rings with the top three compression rings are .0625in thick and the bottom oil ring is .1249in thick.

Pin height in this piston design is 2.2855in, this results in a compression of 8.5:1 in most standard applications and the piston is available in 20-, 30-, 40- and 60-thou overbore.

Order as part number P20397 followed by -20, 40 or -60, according to the overbore size required and the pistons retail at £45 inc VAT each.

For more details contact Mini Spares at the other end of 01707 607 700 or visit ENDS.

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Powerflex has announced a new range of PowerAlign products that will be more ‘hardware’-based and offer innovative solutions to improve chassis geometry.

The first two products include a new range of camber bolt kits and a simple camber setting tool. By simply substituting the original upper bolts on two bolt suspension struts for PowerAlign Camber Bolts, this allows up to +/-1.75degs of camber change.

This is an easy fix for camber issues and a perfect add-on for any suspension bush change.

The bolts are made using a 12.9 tensile, zinc-plated high strength steel. Naturally these parts are covered under the terms of our More >