Craig Louth of Plazcutz can offer an innovative and varied batch of services, many of which are car related, others not.

The Heysham, Lancashire-based operation is gaining a good reputation for their range of Haynes Roadster and Champion Locost components, which are ideal if you like to take real care with your build and like details to be ‘just so’.

Craig can sell you beautifully CNC-machined items such as wishbone plates (Mazda MX-5 and Ford). Carb spacer plates, engine mounts, chassis plates (pack at £105 or available individually) and a pedal set at £34.99. All parts really are superbly made and finished. More >


Webcon has announced a complete triple 45 DCOE carburettor conversion kit for the Jaguar XK straight six engine (3.8 and 4.2-litre versions).

The conversion features a British made cast alloy inlet manifold with water-jacket, three ready assembled, genuine Spanish Weber 45 DCOE carburettors expertly jetted to suit the Jaguar engine, plus throttle linkage, O-rings, bolts and fixings and a length of petrol hose.

This conversion is ideal for owners wishing to increase power by using the tried and tested route of changing to 45 DCOE carburettors and it can be ordered as part number PJA301C retailing at £1710 inc VAT.

For further details More >


Fuel pressure is vital on a high performance EFi engine and Titan Motorsports, from Orlando Florida, has now produced a liquid-filled fuel pressure gauge.

It is designed to be installed on regulators or fuel rails with ports. It’s not intended for use in the driver or passenger compartment. The liquid within the gauge will absorb vibration and pressure spikes. It also lubricates the moving parts and prevents moisture penetration or icing up.

The gauge features a 1½in diameter face, marked from 0 to 100psi and a 1/8-NPT direct mount. The TMS Liquid Filled Fuel Pressure Gauge retails at $24.95 plus shipping.

Titan Motorsports are More >


Flexibility is the name of the game and this versatile Folding Pit Trolley from B-G Racing has it by the cart-load (sorry! – Ed).

The trolley folds down to take up minimal storage space but is spacious enough to transport wheels, tyres and tools around the pit garage and workshop.

It features two fixed and two swivelling wheels and can be pulled by hand or attached via a uni-ball towing hitch to the boss in the handle, allowing the trolley to be towed by a paddock vehicle or quad bike.

The pit trolley is manufactured from high-grade mild steel with a silver-grey powdercoated More >


Autosport GP Engineering, based on the Kent coast and run by Darren George, offer their take on the iconic GT40 called GT Forte, which is designed to be an affordable build.

Access to 3D CAD and other advanced processes means that the chassis tubes are all laser cut and literally slot together just requiring welding. This, of course, guarantees accuracy. A build manual is supplied with the kit package, as you’d expect but, each customer is provided with a log-in to a shared online folder where technical bulletins, drawings, pictures and other useful information is posted and shared instantly among the More >


Brake calipers are quite an emotive subject. Most kitcar owners like to upgrade their brakes to either nice billet items or at the very least paint them using high temperature paint. This can work well, although some of the paint used leaves a bit to be desired and soon get dirty or look unsightly with chips all over them.

Several companies can offer help in this area such as Brake Caliper Specialists of Long Eaton. They can refurbish your calipers for you, by dismantling, shot-blasting, painting and re-assembling them and as they realise that a car without brakes is pretty rubbish More >


Burton Power can now offer an adjustable cam sprocket set to enable fine-tuning on inline Ford Crossflow (Kent) and Pre-Crossflow engines.

The conversion comes as a complete kit with an adjustable duplex cam sprocket, crank sprocket and a double chain and it retails at £115.90 inc VAT and can be ordered as part number FP317K.

For further details go to or call 0208 554 2281 ENDS.


Celsus, the European distributor of Dynamat, are reminding customers to look carefully at the benefits, as well as the specification and performance, of noise control systems.

High levels of noise or heat are accepted to increase stress, fatigue and discomfort. This was long regarded as a problem to be suffered with certain vehicles, until Dynamat set out to create automotive solutions with their USA-made products.

Dynamat Original was launched in 1989 to reduce noise caused by automotive structural vibration. The thin, flexible, easy-to-cut-and-mould sheet used an extensional damper technique to convert vibration. Since then, the product has gained distribution in over 50 More >


A pressure washer is a great device and can be effective on all manner of car and household chores not to mention the fiver a pop you’ll save at the petrol station jet washer.

The Clarke Jet 8000 and Jet 9000 pressure washers from Machine Mart will do a job for you and won’t break the bank. The 2400-watt Jet 8000 has a 6-litres per minute flow rate, with the Jet 9000 displacing 2600-watt and flowing at 7.75-litres per minute.

I like the longer than standard high pressure hose that gives extra reach not to mention stopping you firing water into your More >


Rally Design is pleased to announce that they are now warehouse stockists of the Aliant range of lithium batteries produced by Elsa Solutions in Italy.

Lithium batteries save over 50 per cent lighter than the equivalent lead acid battery, are quick to recharge, good cold cranking amps ability and have a long cycle life.

The Aliant range X4, X6 and X8 batteries covers vehicles from 2- to 5-litre capacity and are priced from £258-£603.70 inc VAT, depending on model selected.

More information from or 01227 792 792 ENDS.