Not a kitcar-related release per se, but there’s such a love for all things Beetle in the kitcar game I thought I’d include it this week.

If your Bug has a bigger corrosion problem than first expected, you might find yourself searching for replacement rear quarter panels. Sadly full ‘top to bottom’ panels are no longer available, but this offering from Heritage Parts Centre is the next best thing.

Pressed for a pre-64 Beetle with the smaller side window aperture, it can also be adapted for later cars by using the metalwork below the swage line. The B pillar has a threaded plate attached for the door lock and there are captive nuts present for your wings.

Potential panel purchasers can find this part on Heritage Parts using item numbers 111-809-159/B and 111-809-160/B. Alternatively, count out £86.50 per side and give their sales team a shout on 01273 444 000 and they’ll pop one in the post ENDS.