I’ve got a real passion for those amazing little tethered racers aka ‘spin-dizzies’ and am often fascinated by grainy old YouTube videos of them in action, often operated by old blokes in flat caps smoking pipes.

They could easily reach speeds of over 250mph hence the need to be tethered. There were loads of manufacturers of cars back in the day and although they are still available much like bicycle speedway their best days are well behind them.

Those specialists of the bespoke gift, Meandmycar have come up with this superb little Bantam Midget replica (a very collectable pre-war tether car in original form) created from original thirties blueprints and although they have a working engine they are not intended for tethered racing use.

The car has an alloy body in green paint and is 48cm long. It is priced at £350 and is available from www.meandmycar.co.uk ENDS.