Renaud Sunglasses are totally and utterly uber cool. Ice cold. Created way back in the sixties by a chap called Charles Rolley, who was the owner of the Sea & Suntan Company and he teamed up in 1961 with Botany Menswear to create the first Renaud branded sunglasses.

The brand enjoyed some two decades of unparalleled success and had over 100 patented ideas and over 350 original sunglasses style and often worked with YSL and Foster Grant, while also working with top designers of the day like George Lissac.

When Elvis Presley was filming the film ‘Follow That Dream’ in Ocala, Florida he saw someone off set wearing Renauds and bought them off the person for $100! He was forever seen in his Renaud Wraparound shades thereafter. The glasses also featured in all sorts of films including The Italian Job (the henchman driving the Lamborghini Miura, I think) while TWA’s pilots were all given a pair!

The brand reappeared in 2019 after nearly forty years away and I think they are still very cool! More from ENDS.