It may look shiny and new on the outside but ‘under the hood’ with an old chassis trouble could be lurking!

Broken joints, a leaking head gasket, block or radiator can often spell a hefty bill. The answer to many common repair problems could be in this nifty little trio of ‘Professional Mechanic Recommended’ products. Best of all they give a permanent fix – not a quick get me back on the road temporary job.

K-Seal one step permanent coolant leak repair is referred to by professional motor mechanics as ‘the head gasket in a bottle.’

QuikSteel Reinforced Epoxy Putty sets steel hard More >


If you take a pride in your tools and like to buy the best, then this new mini air-powered impact wrench from Laser Tools (part no: 5586) will be sure to interest you.

It is a beautifully balanced tool and with a length of only 122mm, can be used in confined areas, where it is not possible to use the standard sized impact wrench.

The twin-hammer design offers plenty of power, rated at 450lb/ft (610 Nm) at 9000rpm, and features three power settings and forward and reverse action. The handle exhaust reduces noise and the soft-grip handle makes it comfortable to use. More >


Britool Expert’s socket range expands to include a rail-mounted 10-piece set.

Striving to provide industrial and automotive professionals with a vast range of good quality branded tools at affordable prices, Britool Expert now offers a 10-piece 1/2” hex socket set to its customers.

The new E034837 socket set is manufactured in chrome vanadium steel for maximum durability and includes a mounting rail to keep the sockets safe and organised.

Sizes are 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19 mm.

List price is £32.46 inc VAT.

To find out more, visit www.britool-expert.co.uk ENDS.


Scalextric (owned by Hornby Hobbies Ltd), has launched a new and improved free Scalextric App. Named ‘ Scalextric Digital’, this new app takes Scalextric racing to new and exciting heights.

The Scalextric Digital App can be downloaded via the Apple Store and has a multi-car feature that allows players to race up to four cars at any one time. Players will experience real-life racing whilst being able to manoeuvre speedily around a customised track at break-neck speeds.  Players can change lanes to overtake opponents and block rivals as well as comparing their statistics with fellow players.

The app is free, but players can More >


It took a bit of work over several years but we finally managed to get the mighty Autocar magazine to agree to do a feature on kitcars. I’ve been pestering my contacts there for ages.

Autocar editor, Jim Holder, mobilised their road test team and a gaggle of photographers and we all headed to Blyton Park for a two-day test this week, which involved 10 kitcar manufacturers. At the end of day one, one of our number was heard to mention: “The kitcar industry grew up today.” I think all who were there would agree with that.

The resulting feature will, I’m More >


Zenos Cars, the new British sportscar company, co-founded by Ansar Ali and Mark Edwards, who previously were CEO and COO respectively of Caterham Cars, has released initial renderings of its all new E10 ultra-lightweight sportscar.

E10 is a road legal track focused step-in two-seater with a 200bhp mid-mounted transverse naturally-aspirated 2-litre Ford GDI engine driving the rear wheels. It has high revving benefits courtesy of an over square engine configuration and with variable cam timing delivering power and torque characteristics that are appropriate for both track and road use.   A range of transmissions and final drives have also been selected to match More >


The award-winning Dodo Juice line-up continues to expand with the addition of Ferrous Dueller, a brand new colour-change iron remover that eradicates fallout on bodywork and cleans wheels.

Based on a ‘lower odour’ active ingredient, Ferrous Dueller smells kinder to the nose than some competitors, yet its clever mix of surfactants puts an emphasis on cleaning power. While the active ingredient obliterates iron contaminants from brake discs and pads, the soaps help remove road grime – meaning that a quick blast with a pressure washer after application can leave the rims sparkling.

Ferrous Dueller comes in both 500ml ‘ready to spray’ and More >


One company very proud to say ‘Made in England’ is OBP Ltd.

They’ve just launched their new Pro-Race V2 floor-mounted bulkhead fit pedal box made from billet aluminium that offers flexibility and multi-adjustment to enable perfect set-up. The V2 is compatible with electronic drive-by-wire and conventional cable-operated accelerator systems.

The best part is the price that starts at just £250.80 inc VAT.

More information from www.obpltd.com ENDS.


In response to customer demand, leading suspension specialists, GAZ has now produced a double-adjustable coil-over damper specifically for competition or serious trackday use where extra damper adjusting parameters are required.

The body of the damper now sports two multi-point, adjustable control knobs, blue for the bump and red for the rebound adjustment. Although this is a brand new damper it includes all the popular GAZ features and it’s manufactured from high tensile alloy with induction hardened piston rods and filled with high viscosity index fluid to help prevent fade and have an internal gas cell to alleviate cavitation.

GAZ dampers come with More >


With winter coming it’s time to check your headlights and if they are showing signs of wear and/or past their best, Mini Spares may have a solution.

Their new sealed beam units, with a side light, replace most common right-hand drive light units and are as used on Minis up to 1990. They haven’t been available for a while but they are in stock at Mini Spares once again, just in time for the dark nights.

Best of all they cost just £11.52 each inc VAT. Order as part number 13H3471A.

More information from 01707 607 700 or visit www.minispares.com ENDS.

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