New from Moss Europe are Securon seatbelts available in new colours grey, red and beige, which will help to compliment your car’s interior trim colour, perhaps.

Standard colourway is black and the kit costs £23.95 inc VAT, with the other colours at £31.96 inc VAT. More information available from ENDS.


Forge Motorsport has long been associated with clever, groundbreaking innovations, but the company’s latest design is one of the smartest ideas to appear onto the automotive aftermarket for quite some time; the Intake Press Compensation Valve (IPCV) – an idea so ingenious that the company has patented it!

Put simply, this engineering marvel prevents boost-loss across the components of any boost-charged car, it allows any specification of dump or diverter valve to work perfectly, regardless of engine boost levels, and it ensures perfect operation for any diverter valve, irrespective of the spring or diaphragm rate within it. But how does this More >


Superb new device from those meisters of nice automotive things, Richbrook International, run by the marvellous chap, Piers Richings, is a combined Digital Tyre Pressure & Tread Depth Gauge, a very tactile and ergonomic design that is easy to use.

For those that need it, the display is in a large easy-to-read format with pressure displayed in PSI, kPa and kg/cm², with the tread depth displayed in millimetres and inches.

It also features an air bleed function for precise pressure setting. This is a genuinely good thing that not only looks cool it earns its keep too. It retails at £19.95.

More information More >


This new pair of hoseclip pliers (part numbers 5899 and 5900) has been introduced by Laser Tools to solve the problem of difficult to access spring-type hoseclips and clamps of all sizes. They have a lattice-shaped tooth design that lets them grip the tangs of the clamp securely at any angle – even from the side.

The patented design includes a ratchet mechanism, which is used to lock the clamp in place when it is removed, this protects the hose or induction pipe from being crushed by the clamp and makes it much easier to refit the clamp. The slim design More >


The prolific and very talented, Stuart Mills, boss of Mills Extreme Vehicles, aka ‘MEV’ has announced another new model, due for launch at next weekend’s Donington show, which is a revision of the existing and successful, Mazda MX-5-based Exocet theme, to be called Exocet XS.

I'm liking the look of the revised Exocet XS

Visually similar the two cars are quite different at closer inspection with revised chassis, now with added side protection and cool roof-bars, which add substantial rigidity and also add to the styling allowing use of body-coloured roof panels. The new side rails allow easier ingress and exit to More >


Following a recent revision of their cool ERA 30, Lotus 23 replica, Tiger Racing has now turned its attention to their Avon model, which adds extra cockpit room, which has been achieved by moving the outer chassis rails outwards by 1in per side and also by reducing the width of the transmission tunnel. They’ve also taken the opportunity to slightly modify the bodywork in this area of the car, too.

In lieu of an image of the revised version, rather than put up a photo of the charming River Avon, which would be a bit silly, we thought we'd use this More >


Got an email from an ex-Ford Component Sales employee, Wayne Blackwell, telling me about his innovative Blackpool sportscar-inspired SPR, using a Mazda MX-5 as donor.

Early days but Widow SPR takes shape. You'll see the finished article, all being well, at Stoneleigh 2015

There are definite Sagaris styling cues, for sure, but Wayne says it definitely isn’t intended to be a replica, which is quite obvious if you compare the size difference between the TVR model and MX-5.

Wayne is well on the way with his car, a long-held ambition, and intends to unveil the SPR at Stoneleigh 2015, but has been bowled More >


A serious piece of kit lurking in Great British Sportscars' workshop

Using a piece of equipment like a Bridgeport five-axis CNC machine requires some serious training and Richard and James from Great British Sportscars have been spending some time this week with their partners on the Bridgeport machine, Edgecam, who are supporting the Newark manufacturer with cam software for NC part programming and the image shows Richard and James proudly displaying their certificates.

GBS' James and Richard (right) passed their latest Bridgeport test with flying colours

GBS is certainly putting their Bridgeport through its paces producing all sorts of components for Zero kits, More >


New from Moss Europe is the innovative Form-A-Funnel, a simple yet patented and effective device that diverts oil from the filter around skid-plates, cross-members, headers or other obstacles enabling no-mess oil changes.

It quickly bends and moulds thus holding any required shape making it perfect for draining oil and other fluids and a bargain at £14.35 inc VAT.

More information from ENDS.


For car enthusiasts, light DIY’ers, hobbyists and crafters alike, Dremel’s Micro multi-tool is its most compact cordless lithium-ion tool ever.

Perfect for cleaning, cutting, grinding, polishing, sanding, sharpening, carving and engraving, and weighing a mere 250gm, the Dremel Micro has a sleek rocket-shaped design and excels at extremely detailed work or in confined spaces.

To emphasise its high-tech credentials, Dremel is running a ‘Win a Trip into Space’ promotion offering the opportunity to fly in a Lynx Mark II, one of only two spaceships allowing consumer space-flights, to a height of over 100km from Earth.

The multi-tool costs £110 from, or ENDS.

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