Just as we closed the proverbial shutters for the week, we heard that the Crendon CR427 project has been taken over by Anthony Hale of Absolute Horsepower, a man well-known for building top quality Cobra replicas over the years including AKs and the UK-spec Factory Five 65 Roadsters that came here a few years back.

The Crendon marque was founded by the gentleman that is John Kerr way back in the late eighties after he’d built a particularly fine Southern Roadcraft SRV8 and then decided to set-up his own company, Crendon Replicas based in Aylesbury.

Never one to suffer fools even for More >



Get out and get under with these terrific, heavy duty plastic car ramps (part number 6793) and the super-practical under car body board (part number 6680), both designed to make life a little easier when accessing areas under the front or rear of your car.

The plastic car ramps have a 2.5 tonne capacity and raise the car by 158mm (6.25 inches) which gives an easy working height under the car. The generous 254mm (10 inches) width means even wide wheels can be accommodated. Although light in weight, the ramps are super stable and will hold the weight of the car More >



Not content with releasing one new Quick Lift Jack, B-G Racing has just released a range of four different ones each designed for a particular form of racing.

The four products are ‘Rally Car’, ‘Track Saloon Car’, ‘Long Formula’ and ‘Small Formula’.

All feature a very low closed height and are designed to locate beneath the differential and front or rear chassis members, raising the car to a fixed height in one swift movement.

All the jacks are produced from high-grade mild steel with a durable silver grey powdercoated finish for longevity. Design detail includes an extra-long, detachable, shaped handle for excellent leverage and More >


Over in the USA the replica movement got a serious boost when the ‘Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act of 2015’ part of the far-reaching Highway Construction Bill, which came into force just over a year ago.

In a nutshell it means that low volume manufacturers in the USA can take advantage of the provision that allows them to build up to 325 replicas a year subject to federal regulatory oversight focussing on cars that are now over 25-years old.

One such manufacturer on a mission to make ‘old cars better’ is Orlando, Florida-based Revology Cars, who make three delicious-looking takes on More >


New car care brand, Smart Polish Pro has a very cool range of products that not only look and smell nice but actually go above and beyond the call of duty and make a real difference to your car’s appearance.

One that really impressed me is their Waterless Wash & Wax product that has been chemically-engineered to create a hydrophobic surface layer (‘beads’ basically!) on your bodywork that repels water for weeks at a time.

As it’s a waterless polish it is at its best without er, water. These types of polishes are superb if you don’t have access to a pressure More >



DEI has come up with an easy way to tidy up those wires and hoses that come with added accessories – and there’s no need to disconnect them to sort out the problem, either.

Their Easy Loom sleeves offer a clean classy way to protect exposed wires, hoses and cables and the split design makes it easy to install over existing wiring looms. It comes in various diameters allowing for any number of new wires to be grouped with the existing loom. The finished result looks like a factory-installed loom and gives no clue to the new wiring that is housed More >


Webcon has announced that it can now supply the genuine Weber FI02/02 fuel filter from stock.

This filter is as fitted to many prestige and high performance cars from the eighties such as Lamborghini, Maserati and Aston Martin models.

Part number WFF213 is the best way of maintaining OEM quality fuel filtering and is  available at a retail price of £37.22 inc VAT.

Available directly from Webcon and from appointed Webcon dealers around the world further details from 01932 787 100 or visit ENDS.


There is nothing worse than having to hold onto a torch with one hand while you use the other to try to find out what is causing a problem with your car. Ring, the automotive accessory supplier to the aftermarket, has a simple tool that will leave your hands free: a head-torch.

It’s obvious but, lots of car enthusiasts accept the struggle of using a torch when all they need is a head-torch, ideal for those jobs that require both hands. The powerful lamp output means that motorists can check even the most difficult of places with ease, making it a More >


Merlin Motorsport is a service centre for Lifeline fire extinguishers and can field all enquiries on the subject.

The products have a ten-year life. So, if your extinguisher has passed this period, it can no longer be serviced. Rather than buying a complete new kit, you can simply replace the bottle and utilise all of your existing parts, the bracket, straps, tubing, etc saving you time and money. For example, the very popular – LIFELINE 2.25-litre CLUB FIRE MARSHAL bottle costs £82.05 or the full kit is £130.25.

Likewise, the LIFELINE 2.25-litre MECHANICAL has a bottle-only price of £125.55 as opposed to More >


Webcon has launched its own production manifolds to suit two Weber IDFs on the Ford Pinto engine.

100 per cent cast and machined in the UK, MM2351 can be fitted with twin 40, 44 or 48IDF and is essential for anyone wishing to recreate a Group 1 Escort, or for general Pinto tuning where space is too restricted to allow fitment of twin Weber DCOE.

MM2351 is available at £330 inc VAT and available now from 01932 787 100 or ENDS.

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