If you want to fit an aftermarket intercooler or are thinking about upgrading the existing pipework to high quality parts, Viper performance have just the thing for you. They are now offering a Universal Intercooler Piping Bundle.

The hoses are made from high quality silicone with a liner plus four-plies of reinforcement and also carry a warranty for added peace of mind. The aluminium pipes are made from 6063 T6 aluminium, which has been hand polished to a mirror finish. 6063 T6 aluminium is relatively easy to weld should modifications be needed, while all the pipes are roll-beaded to aid hose More >


Wrapping your exhaust to retain heat to increase the rate of your gas flow and to reduce underbonnet temperatures is now a pretty common practice – but how do you calculate how much exhaust wrap to buy?

If you paid attention at school you might just recall how to calculate the circumference of a circle. If you didn’t then here’s a great new tool available on the DEi website.

It’s a simple wrap calculator. Type in a few basic values – the Pipe O.D., the length of the pipe, the width of the wrap and how much overlap you want to allow More >


Cosworth has been deeply involved with developing tuning products for the Ford Duratec HE engine of late and now has a complete dry sump conversion for highly-tuned road and race versions of this engine.

The kit is suitable for use on both longitudinal and transverse engine installations and the dry sump itself is cast in a high strength aluminium alloy and features a two-stage internally-mounted scavenge pump, which is driven by an internal drive chain. This arrangement reduces the amount of plumbing associated with an external pump arrangement.

The sump is priced at £1595 inc VAT.

Available from Cosworth’s Duratec specialist dealers such More >


Fifty years since a US polymer chemist, Joe Palcher, pioneered Armor All Protectant – still today the world’s biggest-selling car appearance product – the car care guru continues to blaze an innovative trail with the launch of Shield, a revolutionary new automotive paint care product.

It’s described by the company as being even better than a wax, the advanced, patented formula of Shield forms an invisible, protective barrier against the elements, preventing dirt, dust, grime and everyday pollutants sticking to the paintwork.

After being applied to clean, dry bodywork, Shield locks in the condition of the paint surface at the time of More >


Ireland-based Temair Motor Sport is pleased to announce that they are new European distributors for the full range of Koultools LLC.

According to Temair-boss, Tom Perry, Koultools make it VERY easy to fit a stainless steel braided hose into a hose fitting and they have kits in stock to suit every need.

“Koultools are previous runners-up at SEMA for Tools & Equipment and customers will wonder how they ever managed without a Koultool kit. See the video on our site for more information.”

More from or 00353 87 787 0856 ENDS.


Mini Spares can now offer the original, genuine spec. Rover baulk (synchro) rings for classic


Quality had previously been a problem with these Rover parts but this issue has now been

resolved and the parts now stocked are of superb quality.

Sold individually order as 22G2033, priced at £23.34 inc VAT.

For more details contact Mini Spares on 01707 607 700 or visit ENDS.


When converting a vehicle to electronic fuel injection you would have to consider adding a swirl pot to prevent fuel starvation and a high pressure fuel pump to meet the requirements of the new system.

Now Webcon has introduced the two combined into one and the assembly is suitable for Weber Alpha and all other popular makes of EFI systems. The swirl pot is handmade from lightweight alloy and comes with a blank mounting base that can be drilled to suit. The high-pressure fuel pump is based on the outstandingly successful similar items in the existing Webcon range and is a More >


tkc mag JULY/AUGUST is in the shops from next Friday (July 6) although we have copies available NOW.

If you’re interested in the exciting new RAZOR three-wheeler, then you need a copy of tkc mag July/August 2012 – in the shops JULY 6 (most WH Smith stores and other news outlets)



GD427 passes Australian Design Rules Test with flying colours. In order for any vehicle to be granted road-legal status in Australia, it must pass a series of tests, just like those of the IVA.

The Australian Design Rules (ADRs) are national Australian standards for vehicle safety, anti-theft and emission standards. They have been acclaimed as less arbitrary than those of other countries, and are said to have successfully prevented the importation of many dangerous imports over the years.

The Gardner Douglas GD427 has passed this examination without the need for any modification. GD boss, Andy Burrows, commented: “No other market competitor can More >


Those purveyors of fine top-notch aftermarket performance goods and upgraded parts, Nimbus Motorsport, has recently added Powerflex urethane bushes to their line-up.

If you’ve got a wonky ride or hear – and feel, no doubt – the odd crash and bang from underneath your car, or perhaps more seriously, suffer imprecise braking and uneven tyre wear they could all be signs that your old rubber suspension bushes are over-the-hill or are failing, then Powerflex could offer a cure.

Powerflex use a special type of polyurethane and say that their products have the ability to offer high performance without vibration, harshness or noise More >