Winter is on its way. Time to check or change your antifreeze! Before you do, though, make sure your cooling system is in tip-top condition by flushing out all the rust debris and mineral deposits left behind from the radiator core and hose lines with DEI’s Radiator Relief™ Cooling System Flush.

This is a concentrated cleansing agent that effectively removes rust and mineral deposits left behind in the radiator core and hose lines. This advanced treatment also dissolves oily residue build-up left behind in old anti-freeze and coolant mixtures due to external contaminants.

The product helps maintain optimum efficiency and prevent cylinder More >


The latest kitcar manufacturer to be given its own race series is MK SPORTSCARS.

With the first few examples already racing in Sports 1000 this season, MK Cup 200 cars feature a sealed Suzuki Hayabusa race engine (via bike engine specialists RLM Racing) to ensure equal performance and managed costs, built alongside MK’s cost-effective Lotus Seven-inspired chassis.

Along with 750MC’s evergreen Locost Championship and the popular Ma7da Championship, these sequential gearbox-equipped machines complete a trio of formulae in the club inspired by the original Lotus that made such an impact in 750MC’s formative years; and now offer a ladder of Seven-inspired performance within the same paddock.

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Facelifted Dutton Surf model unveiled at Southampton Boat Show 2022, recently

Minor PR successfully launched facelifted Surf at Southampton Boat Show 2022 recently with the image showing external changes – side vents, colour co-ordinated bonnet vent and black headlamps plus other items including sound deadening and additional heatproofing of the engine bay.

The second image was taken by a Dutton enthusiast on holiday recently when he spotted these two chaps enjoying a Dutton Mariner S2 on the River Danube, no less.

As Tim Dutton told me this week: “It really does show that if a Dutton is looked after they do last!”

Spotted on the More >


Nylon C-Washers are essential fitments to your dampers. They’ll stop your chassis from hitting the deck! As the name and shape suggest, these washers are made from 3mm thick nylon and are cut into a ‘C’ shape.

They’re designed to slot onto the push-rod of the damper above the rubber bump stop to prevent the chassis from grounding out. Read more about – HOW THE NYLON C-WASHERS WORK.

These handy little washers come in standardised sizes.

Go to – C-WASHERS, PACK OF 10, 5 SIZES AVAILABLE or call 01249 782 101 ENDS.


That guru of vehicle lighting, Gil Keane of Better Car Lighting has been in touch with news of yet another great product.

How often have you been annoyed that one small detail is letting down the kit or classic car that you have lovingly built, cared for and polished? Sometimes fixing that annoying detail can be difficult, because the part needed may not be available, or may require you to replace a complete assembly, just to get the one small part that you need.

Now, Better Car Lighting has two additions to their range which will help some people with this problem. More >


Heatshrink tubing is a professional way to insulate wires and connectors but usually needs a mains-powered heat gun, which can be inconvenient sometimes, especially if working under the dash of a customer’s car out in the car park. This handy little butane-powered, hot-air blower from Laser Tools (part number 6848) is just the job – it’s small, fits in a pocket and gives instant heat just when you need it.

Easy to use, a thumb press on/off switch provides comfortable handheld use. Adjusted by a slide regulator, you can adjust the temperature to deliver the right level of heat for the More >


Create your ideal workshop from the wide range of storage systems available from Sealey Tools.

The modular design means their systems are truly customisable; while the choice of units available provides you with the perfect storage solution, no matter what size or style you are after. Each range allows you to purchase a simple base unit or create a complete storage system.

Using the handy new design tool, developed by Sealey, you can bring your workspace to life by creating the perfect combination of drawers, cabinets and back panels. The Superline Pro® and Premier™ ranges can be customised further by adding your More >


New in at Slim’s Detailing is the Soft 99 range of car care products. We’ve just sampled one of them.

Glaco Glass Compound Roll On which is the perfect preparation before applying a coating to your vehicle’s glass.

This convenient, handheld glass polish tool uses two types of abrasive to easily remove stains, traffic film and even old Glaco Ultra glass sealant. This all-in-one tool and compound features a felt pad, meaning there is no need for extra applicators or cloths to apply it.

Quite simple to apply to apply you just need to ensure that the glass is clean and dry. Then give the product a More >


Caterham® has reintroduced its heritage range following the launch of two new models: Super Seven 600 and Super Seven 2000.

Ahead of the brand’s 50th anniversary next year, the latest editions take inspiration from Caterham’s early ‘Super Sevens’ introduced in the 1970s and popularised through the 1980s; a classic, British, lightweight, two-seater sports car with the perfect blend of style and performance, yet re-imagined for the 21st century.

While these models may look similar, they offer two very different driving experiences.

Super Seven 2000.

Super Seven 600

Super Seven 600 is an accessible, pure, simple, driving experience but at a lower speed. It is a car for those More >


New in the Laser Tools range is this set of six combined drill-tap bits designed to drill and tap a hole in a single pass (part number 8405). Each bit has been manufactured from high-speed steel (HSS4241) and coated with a super-hard, ceramic titanium-nitride coating for edge retention and corrosion resistance.

The 1/4in hex drive drill-tap bits feature a drill section at the forward end of each bit that forms the perfect-sized tap hole in the material. The following tap section then cuts the threads. The bits include spiral flutes to clear the swarf created plus a deburring shoulder to ensure More >