Titan, the leader in advanced electric steering systems for lower-volume manufacturers, today launches its state-of-the-art steer-by-wire system, offering makers of next-generation models, from electric hypercars to automated trucks, the ultimate in high-performance, bespoke steering solutions.

From its origins in the development of pioneering racing cars in the 1960s, Titan has established itself as a world-class design, engineering and manufacturing company, supplying the automotive industry with the highest precision components for the most advanced drivetrains, chassis systems and internal combustion engines.

Carving out a particular specialism in globally leading steering solutions, Titan has supplied systems for the world’s most revered and iconic sports cars, More >


Ford’s legendary Crossflow (Kent) engine first entered production in the 1960s. Although it has not been made for around forty years, tuning this engine is as popular as ever. While many tuners favour a pair of Weber 40DCOEs, a significant number prefer the driveability and economy of a Weber 32/36DGV.

Despite the cessation of Ford’s production of the single carburettor manifold years ago demand is still strong and Webcon is thus delighted to announce that it has tooled up to produce the twin choke manifold for the Crossflow once again.

As you would expect, the revived manifold is made by Webcon in More >


Burton Power has just taken on the Castrol Classic range of lubricants including Castrol Classic XL20w/50 and Castrol GTX Classic 10w/40 engine oil.

Castrol Classic XL20w/50 is for pre-1980 classic cars and motorcycles. It is a premium multigrade engine oil with a good all-round performance having been formulated with high-quality mineral oils plus carefully selected additives. It is ideally suited to older technology and classic car engines that require heavier multigrade oil. Castrol Classic XL20w/50 is sold in the traditional green Castrol one-gallon (4.5L) can and can be ordered as part number CAS1925 at £39.95 (inc VAT).

For younger classics there is More >


New from Laser Tools: the Twist-Lock Socket Trays. Designed to keep your sockets securely organised, these handy trays come in three convenient sizes: 1/4in-drive, 3/8in-drive and 1/2in-drive, catering to all your socket storage needs.

Their user-friendly twist and lock mechanism securely holds the sockets in place, ensuring they stay organised by size and easily accessible. The socket tray also features a soft non-slip rubber backing to keep it in place and prevent any scratches. Ideal for in-drawer storage, these socket trays are a must-have addition to your workshop.

Part Number 8632 — for 1/4in-Drive Sockets:

This is the perfect storage solution for up More >


As the nights draw in and the temperatures plummet, car owners begin to dread the Sunday morning removal of salt, mud and road grime as part of their car care routine. Luckily, the clever chemists at Dodo Juice have made it all the work of mere moments, with Crudzilla.

As the name suggests, this ballistic blue beast will rip through any accumulated crud, blitzing contaminants at the pre-wash stage to take care of most of the nasties before the contact wash stage begins, making it all much easier and much safer for the paintwork beneath. It’s also fabulous at stripping back More >


Increasing its product portfolio even further, renowned automotive lighting and auto electrics supplier, Ring, has introduced a professional heavy-duty Lithium Jump Starter, that has a host of features that workshops will find incredibly useful.

In order to continue to provide technicians with the best tools in order to carry out their tasks with more efficiency, Ring has launched a jump starter (RPPL1000) that is able to withstand the tough conditions of a workshop but is also lightweight (weighs 2kg) and compact, so it can be moved quickly and easily to where it’s needed.

The RPPL1000 jump starter is for 12V systems with More >


Exciting news for all tools and machinery fanatics, the NEW Autumn-Winter Machine Mart catalogue is out and ready in time for Christmas!

The 492-page catalogue is full to the brim with all the tools, machinery and equipment you need, whether you’re a hobbyist, DIY enthusiast or professional tradesmen.

This latest edition of the catalogue, the 71st in total, includes over 1000 price cuts and new products meaning it is a ‘must have’ for all enthusiasts.

With over 5000 products in the catalogue and over 15,000 ‘Xtra’ products online, you’ll be sure to find what you need at Machine Mart.

So get your FREE copy More >


New research has revealed that nearly half of UK homeowners (49 per cent) are considering paving over their front gardens to accommodate an electric vehicle in the future.

The poll of 2000 homeowners by EO Charging, an independent British charging point manufacturer, looked at how they are balancing the opportunity for greener motoring with the potential loss of green space, as lawns and borders make way for more paving to enable EV parking and charging.

It found that one in ten (13 per cent) UK homeowners currently own or have owned an EV.

The top three areas are London (29 per cent), West More >


It may seem a little premature to be polishing your jingle bells right now but if you want to kick your Christmas off with a bang you should know about the Heritage Santa Cruise on Sunday, December 3 ASAP, before your festive social calendar becomes too full to take part.

Being run for a thirteenth time in 2023, owners of VW, Land Rover, Porsche, and other cherished vehicles are invited to bring their families (and pets) to partake in this fancy-dress Father Christmas convoy, which spreads yuletide cheer across the Southeast and typically raises around £1000 for good causes.

In exchange for More >


The latest model from the Little Car Company is an 85 per cent scale Blower Bentley called ‘The Bentley Blower Jnr’ an authorised collaboration with Bentley Motors and a tribute to the iconic 1929 racer.

Featuring an electric, 15kW, 48-volt powertrain (producing the equivalent of 20bhp) with several drive modes with a quoted range of 75 miles and top-speed in the UK and Europe of 45mph restricted to 25mph in the USA.

It is classed as a quadricycle (L7e class) in the UK, but unlike a Renault Twizy or Citroën Ami, you need to be 17 rather than 16 to drive it More >

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