This superb range is ideal for providing a ready source of electrical power for camping, caravanning, motorhomes, market stalls, boats, you name it, really.

These models use ‘Sine Wave Technology’ ensuring the delivery of clean and stable power, vital when running sensitive electrical/electronic equipment such as TVs, computers and laptops.

Maximum power options available are 800W, 1100W and 1800W and all feature easy to start, efficient four-stroke engines that include an ‘Eco’ throttle system and low oil/overload shutdown for greater fuel efficiency and reduced running costs.

They are compact, super light (from only 9.3kg) and housed in a stylish case with rubber feet More >


A very cost-effective product, pH Neutral INFINITY Snow Foam from dMAX landed on my doorstep the other morning.

A lemon smell that to be honest wasn’t that attractive not when you can go to the extreme lengths of finding snow foams smelling like watermelon or indeed, Cherry Bakewells!

It also appeared runnier than most others but with a dilution rate of 10:1, it certainly should go far. I found that because it is so watery dosage is tricky, but less is more.

Levels of foam and suds were very high with a lot of cling and long dwell time on offer here (at least More >


Following the launch of the Nomad in 2015 and the supercharged version in 2016 Ariel Motor Company has announced the ultimate version – the Nomad R.

As a limited edition of just five cars, the Nomad R with feature an increase in power to 335bhp, a six-speed sequential Sadev gearbox and Bilstein MDS dampers taking the R version of the Nomad to yet more extreme levels of performance. Designed and tuned to ‘Tarmac Rally’ specifications the Nomad R gives ultimate performance in an on/off-road car biased towards road and track use.

Said Henry Siebert-Saunders, manager of Nomad development; “We’ve used knowledge gained More >


With trackdays back on the agenda – thankfully! – this piece could well be of interest if your car has a ‘beefy’ exhaust!

Some years ago, Merlin Motorsport designed their own simple supplementary silencer/muffler.

It’s a round box 4in in diameter, 8 inches long. It has 2in perforation in the bore and is packed with E-Glass.

We weld a short length of exhaust tube at one end and slip it over the exhaust. The end cap on the other end is tacked on with four welds so it’s possible to grind out the weld and repack the E-Glass. See more on the MERLIN MUFFLER.

The More >


The Morgan Motor Company has now finished production of its last-ever steel chassis’d car to be built. The momentous occasion marks 84 years of continuous production for the underpinning – barring factory closures during World War II and the coronavirus pandemic – making it the longest-ever running production car architecture of all time, anywhere in the world.

The firm’s steel ladderframe chassis was introduced in 1936, in the Morgan 4-4. This car’s name came from the fact that it was the first Morgan to have both four cylinders and four wheels – Morgan’s vehicles before this point, since the company’s foundation More >


Burton Power has announced that it can once again offer a full range of alloy rocker covers for the Kent Crossflow and Pre-Crossflow engines.

The rocker covers are available with an oil filler for original wet-sump engines or with the filler blanked off for dry sump race engines. There is a choice of the classic ‘BURTON’ legend or a flat blank panel suitable for your own engraving, sticker or plaque and wet-sump versions are available in either black or red.

All retail at £129.95 each inc VAT.

Available now from Burton Power’s Performance Centre in Essex or by ordering from

For further details, More >


Loving the way that Revive Auto Apothecary approaches car care. Great packaging and a really great attitude to the subject.

They blend their own stuff and greatly enjoy what they do making their products in small batches that are bottled and signed by one technician. They have also just moved into a new unit that gives them more shelf space and a dedicated detailing bay.

I tried out their 01 Pre-Clean – Snow Foam last weekend and rate it very highly. I love the colour and smell, both of which are important to me in car care products and I was very More >


This is yet another useful set from Laser Tools: their new Low Profile Bit and Go thru Alldrive socket set (part number 7799). The 13mm flexi head ratchet ring spanner is designed to take the selection of low-profile bits and Go Thru sockets (bit and socket height just 21mm) that are provided in the set.

Twenty low profile bits are included manufactured from strong 8660-grade alloy steel — hex: 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8mm; Star*: T10, T15, T20, T25, T30, T40, T45, T50 and T55; and spline: M4, M5, M6, M8, M10 and M12.

The nine sockets feature Laser’s unique Alldrive More >


An innovative device that prevents cars with keyless start and entry from being stolen could save the insurance industry around £380 million a year on car theft claims.

The device, developed by Hard-Off Security, stops vehicle theft by a method called ‘relay-hacking’.

It can be fitted to the car’s existing fob and the Norfolk-based company says it is 100 per cent effective at stopping a car’s security system being relay-hacked.

The solution is based on the principle that the vulnerability of these types of cars to relay attack or ‘cloning’ is due to the fob’s passive response to authentication challenges from the car’s internal security systems.

Being able to easily More >


These mobile units from Machine Mart combine air conditioner, dehumidifier and multi-speed fan into a useful 3-in-1 unit. These models can provide quick, effective and efficient cooling or drying in any home or office.

A self-evaporation system works to recycle condensed water in order to cool the condenser, improving efficiency, reducing noise levels and saving energy. Simple touchpads and a remote control operate the air conditioner, dehumidifier and fan functions with ease.

Features of all models in this range include:

* Eco-friendly R290 Gas, very low global warming potential

* Compact design with wheels for portability

* Simple to wash with removable air filters

* Automatic More >