Know when someone opens your door or window with the Defender Ultra Slim Chime & Alarm. This neat little security device doubles as a welcoming chime or powerful security alarm when your window or door is opened.


This clever alarm uses a magnetic contact mechanism to welcome visitors or shock and deter intruders. It is UK Police accredited via the Secured by Design initiative and has been awarded the Sold Secure Gold standard by the Master Locksmith Association.


The device is super simple to install and use, with just 3 adjustable settings: Alarm, Chime or Off. The alarm sounds a loud 125dB siren once activated, deterring intruders and alerting residents to a possible sneak-in burglary. The chime function rings once as a welcome tone, similar to the noise of a doorbell. It can also be used as a shop door opening alert, so you never miss a customer.

The Defender Ultra Slim Chime & Alarm is battery-operated and comes with a built-in LED battery indicator. A green light signifies the unit’s battery is working. A flashing red light indicates that the batteries need replacing.

Only 7.4cm high, the alarm mounts to any interior door or window frame using the adhesive pads supplied.

Suitable for windows, doors, cupboards, sheds, garages, offices and caravans, the Defender Ultra Slim Chime & Alarm is priced at £7.95. Available now from ENDS.