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New from Woolies Trim is this lovely Brooklands-pattern aeroscreen priced at £120.

New from Woolies Trim is this Brooklands pattern aeroscreen fitted with Triplex laminated glass and suitable for RAC competition.

It has a polished aluminium frame with chrome fittings and mounting legs. The mounting spigots are offset allowing a variable distance between bodywork and the bottom of the screen.

The frame width is 305mm (12in) and the overall width is 406mm (16in).

More from or 01778 347 347 ENDS.



Available now from Merlin Motorsport is a very popular product amongst the kitcar fraternitySIKAFLEX 221.

Sikaflex 221 is a flexible polyurethane sealant that also has unbelievable sticking powers.

Ideal for bonding panels together where a fastener cannot be used or when the panel needs to be watertight.

Steven Roberts, the owner of Merlin, said: “I bonded the oil cooler duct on my racing car together using Sikaflex and after an unfortunate impact, the oil cooler was destroyed but the duct was still intact!”

Nuff said!

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Cool, seasonal ideas from Draper Tools in the form of Beer Can Tool Sets: Check out the Power Brew Combination Screwdriver & Drill Bit Set, the Workshop Brew 18 Piece Stubby Ratchet Screwdriver & Bit Set and the Craft Brew Stubby Ratchet Screwdriver & Bit Set.

These cool bit sets come cleverly disguised as cans of beer. Once the lucky recipient opens the can they’ll be surprised to find a quality set of tools and bits that are sure to come in handy on a range of tasks. It’s the perfect practical gift that’s guaranteed to raise a smile.

Here are some of Draper’s other limited More >


Jenvey Dynamics, the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of fuel injection throttle body and induction systems, has just announced a brand-new product that promises to revolutionise the Porsche Air-Cooled aftermarket, classic and resto-mod markets.

Completely designed and manufactured in-house by Jenvey, the new Porsche Air-cooled Heritage kits are a natural progression to the exceptionally successful DCOE Heritage Throttle bodies released in 2017.

They boast all the plus points associated with Individual Throttle Bodies (ITBs) kits, yet manage to marry these with the subtle, understated looks of a period carburettor induction set-up – ensuring that it won’t look out of place in the More >


Mini Spares has just introduced a new competition valve cotter with a large single groove for early Mini heads.

The cotters are precision CNC-machined from 4340 steel and heat-treated to a higher specification than EN24T to resist fatigue and make them more durable under race conditions.

The large single groove design provides a better location around the valves and makes it easier to control spring heights.

The cotters are designed to be used with the original top caps (88G616). They can be used with small single groove top caps (88G617), but the cotters will sit about 20 thou higher; this will be fine More >


I really like the Furore F1 project, and I always enjoy speaking with the project’s creator, Russ Bost.

He’s recently updated the model to bring the styling more in line with latest Formula One car styling with areas such as front wing, engine cover, side panels, faux airbox and rear wing. Quite considerable amendments really!

Russ has also cleverly revised the lighting making them brighter but less visible and the part I like the most he’s also given it an F1 car style bad weather rear light. When it rains, F1 drivers are required to turn on the single rear red light.

Current More >


Colourful gift ideas from J40 Motor Company this Christmas with three new J40-inspired t-shirt designs by Stefan Marjoram priced from £15 each.

There are also white enamel pins and keyrings from £6, while a new version of David Whyley’s definitive history of the Austin J40 is currently under production by Porter Press.

More information from ENDS.


The increasing levels of ethanol in fuel have led to a rise in the number of heat soak problems.

This occurs when the heat rises up through the intake manifold thereby warming a downdraft carburettor body to the extent that fuel in the float chamber expands, or in some cases, actually boils; the result is neat fuel in the manifold but an empty float chamber.

Downdraft carburettors, such as the Weber 32/36 DGV and DGAV, have always been supplied with a 6mm insulator block in an attempt to prevent this from happening. However, in some cases, that is no longer sufficient and More >


Machine Mart is constantly adding to their extensive range of tools and machinery and as we head into the New Year, they have a few temptations for you to upgrade your garage.

The Clarke CCO14D Abrasive Cut-Off Saw includes a 14in/355mm cutting disc and a powerful 2200W 230V motor. A quick clamp helps to securely hold the material that is being cut while the unit has a spindle lock for fast and easy replacement of the cutting disc.

It is able to slice quickly and cleanly through ferrous metal bar and tube only while also featuring a quick release vice assembly. It More >


Now you can install heat and soundproofing material, as well as carpet and headlining, without the mess or masking associated with spray adhesive.

DEI’s Adhesive Transfer Tape is a very aggressive, pressure-sensitive, double-sided tape designed to bond materials whilst maintaining a high-tack level.

The tape is also heat resistant which means that when the sun is shining your headlining won’t end up falling on your head! In fact, DEi’s Adhesive Transfer Tape will cope with temperatures from -30 to 120 degrees celsius.

The tape is available in single (#50205 – £10.94) or dual-roll packs (#50207 – £20.99). The tape measures 3in wide and More >

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