The expansion of Mirka’s innovative abrasive line-up is continuing in February 2022 with the addition of Galaxy. Ideal for sanding various substrates prevalent across the automotive sector, this new multi-purpose, film-backed abrasive has been designed to stay sharp from the first cut to the last. It also provides users with dust-free sanding, efficient performance, and a high-quality consistent finish, while reducing sanding time and helping to reduce key to key times.

Galaxy is the first abrasive to use Mirka’s innovative Multifit™ hole configuration. A result of extensive research from the development team in Finland, this technology utilises optimal hole placement to allow the largest amount of dust extraction without sacrificing sanding performance.

The alternating hole sections and grip areas are designed to channel the dust away from the sanding process which, combined with Galaxy’s special coating, helps eradicate clogging. Multifit™ also supports full extraction on any type of machine or block with no need to waste time aligning the holes.

The specially mixed blue ceramic grains have been engineered to form abrasive edges which break down during the sanding process and present fresh grain; this allows Galaxy to cut quickly and efficiently from edge to edge, which further increases the lifespan of the abrasive. The cut is so clean that scratch patterns in finer grits are especially easy to polish out and there are no loose grains left behind in the substrate.

Steve Smith, national sales manager ART Mirka UK, says “Our abrasive line-up is growing to meet the needs and requirements of our customers. We believe that Galaxy will provide users with a practical, versatile and effective product that will increase their productivity, while also ensuring they have a dust-free work environment to work in.

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