There must be quite a few Austin Healey Sprite owners – or kits and conversions based on the car – who are preparing their cars for the first outing of the year. So, it’s just the right time to consider installing a Fidanza lightweight flywheel.

A Fidanza lightweight aluminium flywheel will improve performance and acceleration because replacing the heavy standard flywheel dramatically improves the power-to-weight ratio.

The flywheel is made from high-quality machined 6061 T6 aluminium with a 1050 steel friction surface. Fastener holes and chamfers have been CNC machined for accuracy and military-grade fasteners are included.

The steel friction surface of the flywheel (shown in the image with its green protective coating) is heat-treated for optimum grip and long service life. It is also replaceable; when the surface eventually becomes worn it can be changed without having to replace the whole flywheel.

Every Fidanza flywheel application is a unique design. Each design takes into account: overall balance, critical clearances, tensile strength, heat dissipation and optimum weight saving. Thereby a careful balance is struck between reducing the original weight and maintaining a smooth idle for day-to-day street driving.

This Fidanza aluminium flywheel for 1961-1963 Austin Healey 948cc Sprite can be ordered directly from as part number 126481 at $415.73 plus shipping and import tax.

Fidanza can also supply a similar flywheel for 1966-1974 MG Midget/Sprite -1275cc.
Order as part number 126751 – $403.47 plus shipping and import tax.

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