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Laser Tools offers a huge range of insulated tools and safety products for electric and hybrid vehicles, developed in conjunction with leading UK car manufacturers and importers. For the smaller workshop or mobile mechanic, this EV tool kit (part number 7383) is a great solution as it features fully insulated hex sockets, screwdrivers, pliers and side cutters, insulation sleeves and an insulated cable stripping knife.

All are fitted in foam trays that stack into the sturdy supplied carry-case or fit neatly into the toolbox or roll-cab drawer. Suitable for live working up to 1000V AC / 1500V DC.

The VDE/GS-approved socket set More >


Reducing rattles, knocks, road noise and enhancing your audio experience; there are plenty of reasons for fitting additional sound deadening to your project.

Hailing from Russia, STP were originally a supplier to the Soviet military, however, these days their skills and technologies are channelled into suppressing unwanted noise within automotive and industrial applications.

One key product from their range is an aluminium/butyl damping material they call Black Gold. Sold by the dozen, each 2.3mm thick sheet measures 750mm x 500mm with the potential to cover 4.5 sq.m per box.

Hugely flexible and simple to trim to shape with scissors or a knife, STP More >


Torx® (star) bolts and setscrews are increasingly used in the automotive sector due to their efficient drive system which offers more consistent torque application and lower assembly times at the point of manufacture. So, it makes sense to keep a high-quality set of Torx® spanners in the toolbox and this example from Kamasa (part number 56143) fits the bill.

It’s a set of six double-ended spanners manufactured from durable chrome vanadium steel with a mirror-polished finish. The sizes are: E6 x E8, E7 x E11, E10 x E12, E14 x E18, E16 x E22 and E20 x E24.

Supplied in a very More >


Need the perfect period mug for your workshop brew? Castrol Classic has the answer in the perfectly-pressed form of their Classic Tin Mug.

It may be brand new and beautifully enamelled, but everything about this racy receptacle harks back to a gentler time in the workshop, where tappets needed adjusting and the smell of Castrol R permeated the air.

Perfect for your mid-plug-change refreshment, making you look cool in any work meeting, or indeed, sitting on your desk as the ultimate petrolhead pen pot. There really isn’t much this versatile vessel can’t do!

Besides, everyone knows that nothing tastes quite as authentic, while More >


The EURO 5 compliant Tiger 1800B high-pressure washer is great for cleaning cars, motorbikes, cycles, boats and agricultural machinery. The washers are especially useful in remote locations, without access to mains electricity. All models have a tough protective steel frame & detergent facility for extra cleaning power.

The Tiger 1800B has a fully portable compact carry frame, with a high-pressure hose & lance featuring an adjustable nozzle (fan & pencil jet). It is able to draw water from a water butt or barrel and includes the hose and filter, making them ideal for remote locations such as off-road circuits and trails More >


Here’s one primarily aimed at our North American readers …

Every second counts when a fire starts. If you can’t get it under control quickly, the chances of injury or total loss rise dramatically.

Element Fire Extinguishers are the better way to fight a fire. Unlike traditional fire extinguishers that can be heavy and awkward to operate, Element extinguishers are significantly smaller – up to 80 per cent smaller – and are simple to activate.

More importantly, they discharge the fire suppression agent for a longer period of time. For example, an Element E50 extinguisher has a 50-second discharge time – four times More >


Due to the high costs associated with the replacement of plastic panels (bumpers, inner wings, headlamp bodies, engine covers, motorcycle bodywork, etc), this rechargeable, cordless plastic repair kit (part number 92549) was developed to repair small to medium-sized damage that could render a panel or part unusable.

Thin plastic parts can be welded due to the applied heat being contained in a small area. This plastic welding tool is particularly convenient and versatile as it is cordless and powered by a lithium-ion battery (2400mAh) which is rechargeable via a convenient USB port on a PC, laptop, power bank or USB adaptor.

The More >


If extra fuelling is required for your air-cooled engine but you can’t stretch to twin carburettors or are wanting to keep an original appearance under the engine lid, this product is for you.

Modelled in the style of the original Solex units, SSP has produced a big-bore version with a larger throat than standard to supply your cylinders with more fuel, returning a noticeable increase in acceleration and torque.

The 37 PICT model is aimed at engines up to 1776cc and the larger 39 PICT is ideally suited to 1776-1835cc engines.

Prices start at £159.95 for the 37PICT and £173.95 for the 39PICT More >


Keen to keep petrolheads warm and dry during the colder months, Castrol Classic has released an official Waterproof Regatta jacket.

Smartly finished in black with a contrasting red fleece liner, this timeless jacket features a screen-printed Classic Castrol logo on the chest, with ‘Castrol’ heritage lettering embroidered on the sleeve and collar back.

These functional and stylish unisex jackets include a Velcro storm flap, zippered side pockets and single internal pocket. Guaranteed to keep you feeling warm and dry while looking good at any race or classic event, they can also help telegraph your love of classic cars while out walking the More >


New from Lucas Oil is Sure Start Premium Starting Fluid, which was specifically formulated to help start stubborn engines and is compatible with both diesel and gasoline engines in passenger cars, diesel engines, lawn mowers, chainsaws, outboard motors and fractional horsepower engines.

Lucas says that the 50 per cent ether blend goes well beyond rivals by also including an effective lubricant, resulting in the ideal starting fluid to keep on hand for starting sluggish motors and limiting the impact of extreme cold weather on vehicle batteries.

This latest addition to the Lucas range joins a number of best-in-class Utility products currently available to motorists, including Lucas More >

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