There is nothing worse than having to hold onto a torch with one hand while you use the other to try to find out what is causing a problem with your car. Ring, the automotive accessory supplier to the aftermarket, has a simple tool that will leave your hands free: a head-torch.

It’s obvious but, lots of car enthusiasts accept the struggle of using a torch when all they need is a head-torch, ideal for those jobs that require both hands. The powerful lamp output means that motorists can check even the most difficult of places with ease, making it a More >


Merlin Motorsport is a service centre for Lifeline fire extinguishers and can field all enquiries on the subject.

The products have a ten-year life. So, if your extinguisher has passed this period, it can no longer be serviced. Rather than buying a complete new kit, you can simply replace the bottle and utilise all of your existing parts, the bracket, straps, tubing, etc saving you time and money. For example, the very popular – LIFELINE 2.25-litre CLUB FIRE MARSHAL bottle costs £82.05 or the full kit is £130.25.

Likewise, the LIFELINE 2.25-litre MECHANICAL has a bottle-only price of £125.55 as opposed to More >


Webcon has launched its own production manifolds to suit two Weber IDFs on the Ford Pinto engine.

100 per cent cast and machined in the UK, MM2351 can be fitted with twin 40, 44 or 48IDF and is essential for anyone wishing to recreate a Group 1 Escort, or for general Pinto tuning where space is too restricted to allow fitment of twin Weber DCOE.

MM2351 is available at £330 inc VAT and available now from 01932 787 100 or ENDS.


Burton Power can now offer fifteen-piece silicone coolant hose kits for the Ford Cologne V6 2.8i engine. The kits are made by SamcoSport, and come in a choice of blue, red, or gloss black, with white Samco logos or in ‘classic’ black finish with subtle embossed logos. This finish simulates the original rubber hose look while providing all the benefits of modern silicone hoses.

The kit retails at £208.90 inc VAT, while a stainless steel hose clip kit is also available for this application at £33.95 inc VAT.

Burton Power can also offer complete Samco hose kits for other classic Ford engines More >


Brown & Geeson Ltd has announced a partnership with Aeroflow Performance Products, widely recognised as one of the leading international manufacturers of high performance automotive plumbing and performance parts.

Aeroflow may be a relative newcomer to these shores but is well known in its Australian homeland. It offers a huge range of performance products, in addition to helping the community with great programmes such as the Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car Series. Covering circuit racing, hot rods, drag racing, speedway, street machines, sport compact, motorcycles and marine applications.

The products are designed in Australia and manufactured to the highest specifications to ensure More >


So you have a GM LS engine that’s in need of a horsepower boost. Summit Racing could have just the thing.

FiTech’s Ultimate LS Fuel Injection Systems are plug and play, self-tuning induction systems that are complete from intake manifold to wiring harness –no messing about with factory wiring, re-flashing ECUs, or mis-matching parts. If you can use a spanner and snap wiring connectors together, you can install an Ultimate LS system, Summit Racing claim.

Available in versions that support 500 to 750bhp, the systems include TIG-welded, low-profile fabricated intake manifold with CNC-machined ports, 1500-6500 RPM powerband high-flow, cable-operated 92mm (500bhp) or More >


A warm welcome to totalkitcar online

A WARM welcome to totalkitcar online…….big announcement from Ford this week concerns the 1-litre EcoBoost engine.

It features cylinder deactivation that helps emissions and fuel savings enabling the mighty marvel to run as a twin-cylinder unit! When the engine’s ECU senses that full engine power isn’t needed the technology within can deactivate and re-engage cylinder one in an incredible 14-milliseconds.

MEV EXOCET – No real reason to run this photo except that I think it’s a really nice image AND most importantly the Exocet was almost definitely the biggest volume-selling kit in the UK again in 2016…

Ford is More >


MK Indy now under the Kit Car Direct banner…

One of my all-time favourite Lotus Seven-inspired sportscars is the MK Indy. Created as part of the Ron Champion Locost movement way back in 1998 by the top bloke that is Martin Keenan, the Indy first appeared in very basic component form spread out on a blanket on the floor in the cowshed at Stoneleigh that year.

From the outset, Martin gave the people what they wanted; top quality components at a pocket money price and as a result sold loads of components. As soon as he introduced chassis and body panels, therefore More >


With sales and enquiries for their exquisite 2Fifty and West Coast V8 models extremely high, DNA Automotive boss, Brian Hale is struggling to keep up with demand and so, has offered no fewer than four of their older exotic Italian-inspired projects for sale – DN8, 5cudo, 3Sixty and 4Thirty, either as a ‘job lot’ or individually.

DNA 3Sixty  – Project for Sale

DNA 4Thirty – Project for Sale

Known for their fine work, any potential buyer can rest assured that they’ll be buying a sound investment as all are tried and tested packages. The 3Sixty and 4Thirty are based around Toyota MR2 mechanicals, More >


New from Optimum Balance products, better known as ‘obp’ are these new fuel pumps, which the Cambridgeshire manufacturer claim are high pressure, high performance, reliable motorsport fuel pumps at an affordable price.

The pumps are designed and manufactured to the highest specifications and offer direct ‘Multi Fit Compact’ systems that cover a massive range of vehicles, plus the very popular ‘BOSCH Specification’ Pump, Petrol and E85 fuels with a Litre Per Hour (LPH) from 265 LPH to 340 LPH.

OBP’s pumps are priced at just £79.19 inc VAT. Incidentally, the company is celebrating a marvellous tenth anniversary in 2017…

More information from or via More >