In recent years, headlight manufacturers have responded to price pressures by reducing choices and often quality for lower-volume items. The smaller 5¾in headlights fall into that category.

Instead of offering them either with or without a pilot light, there is now a ‘one cap fits all’ policy, with pilot light only. Instead of offering both premium and budget offerings, there is the budget option only. While this is understandable, it ignores the fact that many cars that have these headlights have been expensively restored and the proud owners are often looking for the highest quality items possible to replace the worn-out parts and headlights are both highly visible and important for safety and driver enjoyment.

The solution

Better Car lighting has scoured the planet and tested many options and are now proud to be able to offer two very high-quality upgrade kits based around these European-made Hella headlights.

The first is a pair of Hella H4 5¾in headlights without pilot lights (pilot versions are also available), plus a pair of H1 units for the inner high beam lights. In testing, these gave outstanding performance, with the best long-range beams of all units tested.

The kit (in UK spec) costs £240 inc VAT (bulbs not included).

 The high-power option for those who want to bring their lighting up to the standards of newer cars and to also enjoy the low power consumption of LED technology, the kit can also be supplied with the new, compact high-power LED bulb sets (five-year guarantee) for a total price of £480 inc VAT.

Matching front sidelight bulbs for all models are available at a small additional cost.

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