Latest model from DNA Automotive is the DN8, which shares the same donor as their 4Thirty body conversion package – Ford Cougar, an overlooked by highly suitable subject for basing a kitcar on.

The under-rated Cougar could be had in 2-litre or 2.5-litre V6 variants and usable, well-specced examples are fairly abundant. Indeed, at the time of writing I found some nice looking possibles on Auto Trader.com from £349 – and that was a V6 version!

The DN8 kit is priced from £14,500, with DNA able to supply everything else required to convert a Cougar.

More information from www.dnaautomotive.com ENDS.

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According to the AA the most common cause for vehicle breakdowns in winter is a flat battery.

Mechanics and technicians should see winter conditions as an opportunity to generate extra income by testing the vehicle batteries.

Battery analysers or testers provide an accurate way to check the cranking ability of vehicle batteries. This will indicate if there is a need to replace or recharge the battery. If replacement is needed, the garage benefits from an additional sale, while the customer gets reassurance that they have a fully healthy battery going into winter.

To help mechanics this winter, Ring has launched two battery analysers More >


The boffins at Richbrook HQ are back with what could prove to be their most ingenious product to date, the ‘Wheel and Tyre’ bag, making transporting your wheels cleanly, conveniently and efficiently to and from the track a stylish doddle.

Thousands of keen drivers transport a spare set of wheels and tyres to the circuit for drift and track days (sometimes even shows), but continue to work around the issue, scattering plastic bags, bin liners and old towels here, there and everywhere in a bid to reduce the fallout! If you’ve ever tried to move a set of wheels and tyres More >


Newly available from 3J Driveline Ltd is the NXG (NeXt Generation) ‘English’ limited slip diff (LSD), which the makers claim is the strongest, most progressive and versatile LSD unit available on the market.

The 3J plate pack always run with eight active surfaces, even in lighter settings, giving maximum surfaces and area contact during use.

The unit can fine finely tuned to suit the application in association with 3J’s range of ramps (two per unit), with the bevel and planet gear pack designed to give the smoothest mesh and strongest tooth profile helping to eliminating ‘rattle’ and back-lash.

Dual ramps are available in More >


Jenvey has developed a compact throttle body designed to replace Weber 40 DCNF carburettors as part of an EFi conversion.

The Shropshire company can also supply 42 and 45mm versions.

The triple twin barrelled throttle body assembly pictured here would be suitable for use with Ford 3-litre Essex and 2.8-litre Cologne V6 engines.

These Jenvey throttle bodies – individually or as multiples – could easily be adapted to replace

carburettors in many other applications and cast air-horns (shown here) and fuel rails are also available for a wide variety of engines.

For more details visit www.jenvey.co.uk or call 01746 768 810 ENDS.

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Warwickshire-based tool company, Kamasa, has recently introduced this very versatile precision tool kit (part no: 56049), which offers so much more than just the usual precision screwdriver set.

The compact, yet comfortable, and grippy, driver can extend to 110mm and has a full complement of bits: flat (seven bits, 1mm-4mm)), Posidrive (three bits, 00-1), Phillips (five bits, 000-2), hex (nine bits 0.7mm-4mm) and star (10 bits T3-T20). Especially ideal for precision applications.

A truly useful 190mm flexible shaft is included and also a magnifier for those tiny fixings. Terrific value and available now for a typical price of £11.99 but check your More >


Twenty-first century technicians working on twenty-first century motor cars need twenty-first century tools and this new set from Laser Tools includes ten specialist sockets that are essential for today’s automotive servicing. If you have not got the specialist tool you cannot carry out the specialist job.

Included is a 10mm special six-point socket for the Toyota idle wheel centre screw, a 6mm special six-point socket for Nissan and Renault clutches, the 8mm special six-point for Nissan cylinder head and balance shaft screws, 12mm six-point for Nissan head bolts, an 8mm special three-point for Nissan balance shaft screws, a 10mm pentagon for More >


Mini Spares High Capacity Water Pumps were designed for overseas use where it’s ofeten warmer than the UK.

These higher capacity pumps move more coolant than the stock ones and are of better quality.

They have a much larger impeller that sticks into the block slightly more than the usual ½in and is made from cast iron, rather than stamped steel as with many aftermarket pumps.

This water pump will fit all 1275cc blocks and most 998/1098 from 1969-on.

The use of a high capacity water pump helps to reduce cavitation in the water jacket, particularly at high RPM, as well as circulating a More >


A great new product from Temair Motor Sport is DAYLube NanoCeramic Racing Grease, which is a highly stable lubricant that delivers un-matched performance, durability and wear resistance.

NanoCeramic particles, the key component, act as sub-microscopic ball bearings that have an attraction to steel, providing continuous lubrication at the surface. These sub-microscopic balls are fabricated over a calcium sulphonate thickener and offer a lower coefficient of friction at ALL temperatures.

A 16-oz cartridge costs £34.44 and is available from www.temairmotorsport.com where you can find out information about their other products ENDS.


Caterham Cars, has developed its most extreme race-ready version of the Seven to date – the Superlight R600.

With stunning performance potential and all the character of existing Caterham circuit cars, the new supercharged incarnation of the Seven will represent the top echelon of the Caterham racing spectrum in the Superlight R600 Championship from 2013.

Powered by a supercharged, 2-litre Ford Duratec engine, producing 275bhp, the R600’s dedicated championship will further extend the Caterham Motorsport ‘ladder’, currently topped by the hugely successful R300 series.

The R600 race car, which costs £44,995, will be the first Seven ever to feature forced induction technology, making More >