The Ford Duratec 16 aka known as the Sigma or even, Zetec SE, has proven to be a popular power unit for kit and specialist car enthusiasts and leading kitcar manufacturer, Tiger Racing, has just announced a bellhousing to allow the 1.6-litre Sigma to be mated to a Ford Type 9 gearbox that, as a bonus, accepts the standard cable clutch.

The new Tiger ensemble costs £190.80 inc VAT.

More information from www.tigerracing.com ENDS.


This might well appeal to the growing number of owners of BMW E36/E46-based kitcars.

Brake discs come in for more than their fair share of abuse on trackdays. Cambridge

Motorsport Parts is now offering Nitrac cryogenically treated brake discs for improved trackday and race use.

These discs have a much higher resistance to warping, cracking, flaking, and fading and will last up to three times as long as an un-treated disc and also reduce pad wear by

up to 30 per cent, the makers claim.

The braking surface will remain in a better state for longer making them ideal for trackday and competition use – More >


‘Quick Fix Tape’ is the latest high performance product from Design Engineering Inc. The tape bonds to itself and is self-curing, forming a waterproof and permanent seal.

It is ideal for emergency hose repair, as a non-slip grip for tools, electrical splices and connections, it serves as a temporary leak sealer, and does not leave a sticky residue after removal. These are just a few of its many uses.

‘Quick Fix Tape’ is extruded from a special high performance grade silicone compound and engineered at 700psi tensile strength and has insulating capabilities up to 8000 volts and stretches to three times its More >


Facom, Europe’s largest tool manufacturer, introduces a new range of torque wrenches for engineering and automotive professionals.

Given the variety of metals and alloys used in their construction, today’s cars, trucks and motorcycles require very precise tensioning of bolts and fixings. Whether tightening cylinder head bolts or simply swapping an alloy wheel, it is crucial that the correct torque is applied to avoid potential damage.

The new range of micrometer torque wrenches from Facom offers an accurate and durable tightening solution for the workshop. Six wrenches are available in the range, four with fixed ratcheting heads and two with flexible heads. A More >


Torco Waterproof Grease is a lithium complex grease formulated to offer superior lubricating qualities in a wide range of powersport applications.

It provides excellent waterproofing, shock-load protection, extreme temperature stability and anti-rust protection and the product is ‘buttery’ smooth and easy to apply.

It is designed for use in all bearing types, linkages and seals found on cars, motorcycle, ATV, PWC, marine, snowmobile and power equipment applications.

It is ideal for use in extreme wet conditions and for classic vehicles and motorcycles that may be laid-up for extended periods of time and is supplied in an 8oz tube retailing at £5.08 inc VAT.

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In addition to supplying some very fine kitcars, Tiger also has other aspects of their business such as classic car sales and a very busy workshop offering general repairs and restoration work on a variety of kit and classic cars.

The Wisbech-based company currently has a special offer of a half price MOT on your classic or kitcar. To find out more call Paul Dudley on 01945 466 200 or 01945 461 423.

In other Tiger Racing news this week, Jim Dudley’s very popular Veloce Publishing book, ‘How to Build a Tiger Avon or GTA’ has just been revised, updated and re-published More >


Go-ahead, Dutch manufacturer, Faroux Sportscars, run by Marcel Benes, has been working on their excellent BMW-based MB1 model during the last year and have received some good comments about the quality of workmanship during their major show appearances during the last year. The development continues apace, in time for this year’s shows…

Meanwhile, they have also recently announced a second model (MB2?), which is a BMW-based Daytona Coupe kit and have released price information this week….the full package comes in at £18,500 (SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER available at £16,500, valid until MARCH 31, 2012), and includes:

Black powdercoated round-tube chassis bracketry for BMW More >


ARP – the world-leader in fastener technology has just released a new Custom Age 625+® head stud kit for pre-1993 Chevy Gen lll/LS series small block applications.

Part No. 234-4313 – includes a set of twenty Custom Age 625+® head studs, twenty parallel

ground washers, twenty 8740 chrome moly steel 12 pt nuts, ten 8740 8mm studs and the

appropriate fasteners, which secure the intake side of the cylinder head to the engine

block. 234-4313 also includes a ½-oz pack of ARP Ultra-Torque fastener assembly lubricant.

All Custom Age 625+® studs are centreless ground, heat-treated prior to thread rolling and

machining, and are nominally rated at More >


Whenever you strip an engine down it’s vital to keep all the components you remove from the cylinder head in the same order for rebuilding, if you want to avoid a little bag of orphan nuts and bolts!

Traditionally mechanics used a piece of cardboard punched with holes to keep the valves in the right order, but Burton Power has a better and more professional solution…

The new Cylinder Head Component Storage Rack is a strong and rigid rack with integral trays big enough to accept camshafts, valves, springs, rockers and collets all in exactly the correct order ready for re-assembly.

There are More >


Cat Cams NV has recently launched a new complete kit of high performance engine parts for another the 2-litre and 2.3-litre Ford Duratec engines.

Consisting of a motorsport-suited camshaft, con-rod, piston and valvetrain kit, the Cat Cams engine package for the Ford Duratec engine provides outstanding value for professional and DIY engine builders.

This takes the pain out of sourcing a variety of parts from several suppliers – making Cat Cams NV a ‘one stop shop’ during the engine build process for engine builders looking to build a reliable high performance Duratec engine.

Customers can also be confident that all components are designed More >