We don’t cover that many bikes here BUT as a fan of anything two-wheeled and beautiful (oh and FAST, too!) I’m only too pleased to promote such items within these pages when they have a special ‘wow’ factor.

Best-known for their iconic Atom and Nomad, Ariel Motor also tip their hat to their heritage with the ACE motorbike and they’ve recently has announced a new version of their glorious Ace called the ‘R’, a tuned version of the standard, already potent bike.

The Ace R will feature a hot V4 1200cc Honda engine offering a substantial increase in power over the standard Ace. It will be made as a Limited Edition of just ten bikes.

Following on from other Ariel limited editions, such as the Atom V8 and Atom Mugen cars, the Ace R will feature a unique colourscheme and specification giving more performance and power over the standard bike, as mentioned.

Tom Siebert, heading up the Ariel Ace team said: “We’ll release the full specification soon, but I can say that the R has a lot of carbon, a lot of machined aluminium oh, and a lot of power!”

More information from 01460 78817 or via ENDS.