Certain aftermarket products have become so well-known within the specialist car market that they’re held in high-regard by pretty much everyone, and a great example of this is the Mountney Classic Woodrim steering wheel.

A wheel that’s graced almost every type of car that you care to mention over the years, the Classic has never dipped in popularity and has never been out of production and can still be ordered directly from Mountney even today.

One of the reasons for the Mountney Classic’s incredibly long life is that fact that its simple, timeless design means that it looks right at home in almost any kind of car from any era.

The Mountney Classic range is pretty varied, with a choice of finishes and styles, all of which ooze subtle, understated class. The light wooden rimmed Classic is ideal for fitment to classic or retro cars, while the dark wood variant will look right at home in more modern machinery. Both can be specified in 13in, 14in or 15in sizes and all can be installed in a matter of minutes using Mountney’s own boss kit.


The styling of the Classic that made it such a hit all those years ago hasn’t dated in the slightest. Based around a timeless three-spoke design, the Classic features a semi-dished shape that makes it perfectly suited for both spirited, performance driving and more prosaic commuting, and as such it’s the ultimate all-rounder. Its polished centre boasts slotted spokes and a silver ring, both of which contrast nicely with the wooden rim with prices starting at just £120 inc VAT.

The Mountney Classic will look perfectly at home in any car from any manufacturer so visit the company’s website to view the complete list of sizes and trim combinations: ENDS.