Simon Scleater is a well-known man……… engine tuning circles and his company Caral Automotive is particularly sought after in Lotus and Vauxhall VX220 circles.

He’s also just launched his new S-Sport division, which deals with GM LS V8 and the new Ford 5-litre DOHC ‘Coyote’ V8 that delivers a cool 412bhp straight out of the box, which the Blue Oval’s answer to the LS series and is all-aluminium, features 32-valve technology, forged crank and con-rods and an 11.0:1 compression ratio.

A ‘BOSS’ version is also available from S-Sport and adds lots of pretty bits and around 50bhp, while for the ultimate bang More >


Twenty students at the Wilmington Grammar School in Kent………..will build a Caterham Seven from scratch in 24 school weeks, having taken delivery of the iconic British vehicle in kit form recently.

The build project, part of Caterham’s ‘Sevens for Schools’ initiative, will take place as an extra-curricular activity.

The students, aged 11-19-years, participated in X-Factor-style auditions, which enabled them to express why they should be chosen to take part in the project. The after-school project will be utilised across Physics, Maths and Business Studies to enhance classroom learning.

Two former students, who have a younger brother currently studying Engineering at Wilmington Grammar School, More >


MEMfast’s new tool……………is flying out the door and, in the near future, they also add UNC and UNF conversion kits and rivet stud kits, and all of these will be available in easy to adapt kits for the main tool components.

The innovative company’s Rivet Nut packages will be joined by stainless steel items with knurled bodies (greater torque resistance) in both flat and thin sheet head versions, plus aluminium with thin sheet head adding to their very popular existing flat head versions

They’ll soon have a range POP Rivets of multigrip type with aluminium bodies and steel mandrels, while they already More >


Rapidfit Looms is constantly looking………….to both increase and improve their range of wiring looms. The recent development on their website has resulted in many products now being available to buy online and this will be increased over the coming months.

Recent innovations have been the DeLuxe loom, which offers many options that can be added to the standard item to meet the customer’s specification. The latest of these options are Standard ECU connector together with additional fuse box that allows for the ECU to be independently fused. Included within this option is the mating ECU connector and terminals. The configuration will More >


Keeping your car windscreen clear and streak-free……….is essential for safe driving. During the winter months in particular, the glare from a low winter sun on a smeared windscreen can contribute to a hazy vision of the road ahead. While there are hundreds of pricey, specialist car care products on the market, simple and inexpensive White Vinegar is just as effective at removing dirt from glass.

To keep windscreens clean and clear, spray White Vinegar directly on to the glass and buff to a shine using a microfibre cloth. This method can also be used to clean the inside of windows, as More >


According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents………….40 per cent of road accidents occur at night. This is a total of 82,316 casualties between the hours of 7pm and 6am.

Two contributing factors for this high rate are fatigue and a decrease in visibility.

Ring Automotive has developed the world’s first with the Xenon Ultima is the first vehicle bulb said to produce 120 per cent more light on the road when compared to a standard bulb.

This increased performance allows objects to be seen earlier and more clearly at a distance of 75m on a dipped beam, giving drivers more More >


Interior Detailer………….from Lucas Oil is the ideal way either to retain the interior of your car in showroom condition, or to restore it to a former glory.

The water-based UV resistant spray cleans up dust, dirt and smears and is safe to use on plastic, leather, vinyl and other interior fittings. It smells clean and fresh, too.

Second new product from Lucas Oil is Super Coolant, which claims to protect the entire cooling system from rust, corrosion, electrolysis (particularly with aluminium components) and helps prevent the build-up of the kind of deposits that can cause overheating.

The use of Lucas Super Coolant helps More >