Italian wheel company, Speedline, has released a new wheel design that uses the company’s latest manufacturing and finishing techniques to great effect. Called the SL1 Imperatore, this arresting design will fit a wide variety of five-stud patterned vehicles.

The Speedline name will need no introduction to most petrolheads, being a popular choice for many race-teams, as well as the OEM solution for the world’s largest car manufacturers.

As a pioneer of the art of ‘flowforming’ Speedline has used this desirable manufacturing technique on the SL1 Imperatore. The process spins the casting while simultaneously machining the final wheel shape, which keeps the alloy micro-structure aligned, greatly increasing its strength. This allows the wheels to be made with reduced section thickness for minimum weight, but without sacrificing integrity.

Design wise, the SL1 Imperatore features an undercut spoke design that has enabled Speedline’s engineers to reduce mass in the outer rim area without affecting strength.

Finally, the finish is diamond-cut, (including the spoke undercuts) and this has been crafted to Speedline’s exacting OEM standards, meaning it is more than a match for the joys of the British weather.

The SL1 Imperatore is available in most five-stud PCDs in the following rim sizes. 8 x 18, 8½ x 18, 8½ x 19 and 9½ x 19 with prices starting at £310 per wheel inc VAT

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