A product that we’ve had a really positive experience with comes from Machine Mart in the form of the Clarke DH20 20-litre Dehumidifier, which we used in one of our storage units where we store our magazines.

It’s water-tight and quite dry but during a wet-spell over the winter I stuck the DH20 in there for a couple of hours and really was incredibly impressed with the job it did, removing a load of water from the atmosphere and I was keen to prevent any damp patches from forming because magazines and dampness don’t go well together.

The unit features a tank level window indicator, a tank full LED indicator, a shut off function and automatic defrost. The onboard tank holds 5-litres of water and can remove up to 20-litres of moisture per day.

A superb product that is available from www.machinemart.co.uk at £191.98 inc VAT ENDS.