Born out of grassroots racing, BluePrint Engines has established itself as a go-to source for builders looking for reliable horsepower. That reputation makes a BluePrint crate engine a great option for kitcars, daily drivers, racecars, powerboats, rock crawlers, and high-performance street cars. BluePrint Engines provides a 30 month/50,000 mile warranty on its complete automobile engines.

Summit Racing offers BluePrint Engines’ fully-dressed crate engines, bare blocks, and cylinder heads. Each BluePrint crate engine is thoroughly balanced and rigorously dyno tested to ensure accurate performance results and reliability. Most of BluePrint’s crate engines can be had either in base trim or fully-dressed, which includes an intake manifold, carburettor (or EFI on certain models), and a distributor. Each engine is shipped with a printout of its dyno test results. Summit Racing offers Chevy, GM LS, Ford, and Chrysler small block crate engines in a variety of horsepower ratings.

BluePrint’s Muscle Series heads are designed to deliver exceptional performance without a large price tag. The heads feature heavy-duty components that ensure valvetrain stability. The heads are sold either fully assembled or as a bare castings, and each one carries a 12-month limited warranty. Available for small block Chevy, big block Chevy, and small block Ford.

These are the same short blocks BluePrint uses as the base for its high performance crate engines. Each one includes the engine block and rotating assembly. Each shortblock starts out as a seasoned hand-picked core. The block’s cylinder walls are sonically tested and each rod and crank is magna-fluxed to spot imperfections. Then, each one endures a precision machining process to ensure it meets BluePrint’s specifications.

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