A great new addition to your toolbox! A telescopic 1/2in drive wrench (part number 8512), with a flexible ratchet head and ratchet lock-out button; when extended, this allows for a greater torque to be applied when loosening stubborn or corroded fixings without causing damage to the ratchet mechanism.

Use as a standard 1/2in drive — you’ll enjoy the smooth 72-tooth ratchet mechanism and the great accessibility offered by the Flexi-head. Then press a button to lock out the ratchet and slide the handle extension out from 455mm long to a full 630mm — you now have a useful power bar just More >


Worried about being caught with a flat battery or tyre? Panic no more! Machine Mart sells two handy portable units that can both start batteries and inflate tyres.

The Clarke Jumpstart 910 provides vital standby or emergency power for the home, vehicle, business or boat. With its built-in air compressor it is also ideal for general leisure use. Take this compact multi-purpose energy pack anywhere to provide instant starting, lighting, or power for many everyday small appliances. You can also use this jumpstart for inflating tyres, footballs, dinghies, air beds, etc.

Available here:


Rochdale-based Tetrosyl Group has announced that its Triplewax brand has been revamped as part of its extensive rebrand initiative.

Triplewax was launched in 1971, with breakthrough wax polish technology and was the first easy-shine car wax. With various designs over the years, Tetrosyl replaced the existing green shades with palettes of blue and turquoise. This can be seen throughout their products, including their logo, which has changed from emerald green to dark blue. Triplewax has also introduced a sub-brand known as Triplewax Diamond, to better reflect the high-quality of the products they provide.

With Tetrosyl’s initiative to reduce plastic waste throughout the More >


I’ve always kept a close eye on the varied multi-coloured tapestry that is the huge VW Beetle scene, particularly the engine and performance parts aspects. There are plenty of companies who can make a Beetle engine go faster but there are tuners and there are tuners.

One very good who has appeared on my radar lately is The VW Engine Company of Keston. They can offer you reconditioned units as well as brand-new engines featuring many of their own components. Prices for Type 1 or Type reconditioned ‘cores’ start at £1974 inc VAT or for their ‘new’ reconditioned range it’s from £3174 More >


Making an unplanned stop on a public road can be dangerous.

Public roads can be dangerous places, but a vehicle that is stopped in other than a

parking space is especially at risk.

This risk is multiplied if the car is not highly visible and sadly many older cars are not equipped with hazard warning lights.

If you own a classic style kitcar, treasured classic or vintage car, there can be a strong pressure to keep that car as original as possible, but it’s not always logical to do this.

After all, someone running into your car will not do a lot for the originality More >


Machine Mart’s range of Clarke Impact Wrenches provides the power and efficiency to tackle a variety of applications.

This range includes two powerful battery-powered Impact Wrenches. The Clarke CIR18LIC is a best-selling ½in-drive impact wrench, supplied with two 2Ah batteries and a charger. It has a max torque of 450Nm and comes with three LED work lights, allowing you to clearly see where you’re working.

The Clarke CCIW160 is a lightweight, compact, yet powerful tool, and the latest addition to the range. Another ½in-drive impact wrench, the CCIW160 is also supplied with two 2Ah batteries and a charger. It offers a max More >


Heritage Parts Centre has announced the acquisition of Evolution Automotive Components (EAC), a leading Land Rover parts supplier based in Coventry. This acquisition marks a significant step for Heritage, who remain dedicated to providing the highest level of service and the best parts for classic VW, Porsche and now Land Rover.

As part of the acquisition, EAC’s entire stock holding will be transferred to Heritage’s 40,000 sq/ft warehouse in Shoreham-by-Sea, where it will be seamlessly integrated into its existing inventory. EAC customers will continue to purchase parts as normal through the respective channels they have been using.

Heritage CEO, Barney Dines confirmed More >


Grip, crimp, strip insulation and cut wires – all these functions are part of this new fully insulated set of long-nose pliers from Laser Tools (part number 8423). VDE-marked and manufactured to IEC 60900 standards for 1000vAC / 1500vDC live working, these pliers are part of Laser’s extensive range of insulated tools and workshop safety equipment designed for use on hybrid and electric vehicles.

These really are useful and versatile pliers: the long-nose jaws open to 95mm and the VDE insulated handles are equipped with slip guards. They are tough and robust, with strong plier body hardness of 42-48 HRC (Hardness More >


One for our North American readers … New Pig absorbent mats and other products have been soaking up spills, leaks and other messes in industrial settings for almost 40 years.

Now you can get that industrial-quality power for your home workshop with New Pig Absorbent Mats.

The mats are made from multiple layers of thermally bonded polypropylene that won’t rip, tear, or fray even when saturated with oil, grease, coolant, solvent, or most other liquids.

The mats have a dimple pattern to quickly absorb liquid for faster, easier clean-ups and the highly absorbent fibres won’t leave liquids or residue behind. The mats can More >


As part of their ‘fifty years of the Caterham Seven’ celebrations, Caterham Cars has announced that they’ll be moving to a new 54,000 sq/ft factory just down the road from their current home. They hope to be moved in by the end of 2023.

One problem that they have had is building Sevens quickly enough and they claim that the new facility will enable them to build over 750 cars a year.

“It’s fitting that, in our 50th anniversary year, we can invest in new premises to facilitate our ambitions, for the future of the Seven and the brand as a whole,” More >