New from lighting guru Gil Keane at Better Car Lighting are these high power 7in LED headlight units with built-in daytime running lights and orange flashers.

Replacing any standard 7in headlight with these all-new sealed beam LED units from Wipac will endow the car with many of the features usually only enjoyed by those who can
afford the most expensive new models.

These headlights are just as powerful and have halo ‘Daytime Running Lights’, as well as extra and highly visible orange flashers. They use a fraction of the power of conventional headlights but generate as much as four times the light output.

Also, being designed from a clean sheet, they do not have to cope with the limitations of having to work with old-style lenses and reflectors. This makes them extremely effective and focused.

The extra facilities also greatly add to the style, as well as improving road safety.

These stylish and high-quality headlights cost just £489.99 inc VAT per pair and are available to suit either left-hand drive or right-hand drive vehicles.

For more details contact Gil on 0121 773 7000 or via ENDS.