MX-5 owners and kitcar owners using an MX-5 donor can now get purpose-made Wilwood kits from Moss Europe.

These kits have everything you’ll need to improve your MX-5’s braking efficiency: big four-piston front calipers feature a tough protective black powdercoating and there is a choice of vented or cross-drilled/slotted discs.

These kits come complete with pads, alloy bells, mounting brackets and bolts and fixings – in fact, everything you need to bolt on some serious stopping power in your own garage! It even works with the OEM master cylinder. Full fitting instructions are included.

Order as part number: 906-160 and request ‘Vented’ (at More >


South Korean brands are very popular in the car care scene and you’ll regularly see names like Gyeon, CarPro and Cartect although the market leader in their homeland is Bullsone, closely followed by SteamJet.

Another South Korean range that is now available in the UK, is Fireball, via Ultimate Finish at Brands Hatch in Kent.

I’d heard some great things about their snow foam pre-cleaners and decided to put the Red version through its paces.

It’s not one of the latest on-trend coloured snow foams rather it’s a conventional white suds product. Dilution levels are incredibly frugal at 1:600 and you just add More >


Sealey has introduced the NEW VS240, which is a 1000W mobile induction heater for fast heat delivery. It is ideal for loosening stubborn and seized fixings.

Just install the appropriate coil and place over or around ferrous metal. The unit is supplied with an induction pad for plastic trim and sticker removal and is supplied in a carry case.

Copies of the new Vehicle Service August Promotion are available from your local stockist, or you can view or request a copy online.  For further details or to view Sealey’s range visit or alternatively call their customer service department on 01284 757 500 ENDS.


More >


This range of efficient turbofan propane gas fired heaters are perfect for heating any garage, workshop or warehouse this winter.

The Little Devil II, pictured, provides a heat output of 10.3kW, with models in the range delivering a heat output up to a massive 131kW. Some models in this range also feature variable heat output control and all models are supplied with a regulator and gas hose.

Dual voltage (110V/230V) models are also available and all models are built within a corrosion resistant stainless steel casing. With fuel safety cut out and a sturdy handle on top, these are perfect to heat More >



Classic Coachworks of Basingstoke is a family run company that has taken over some of NuBodi Automotive’s workload, with Richard Bird recently having moved to France, for a quieter life.

Run by Ian Castle and his son Ben, a BMW-trained technician the company has built several kitcars over the years and can now supply and build and generally offer customer back-up on NuBodi Automotive’s BMW Z3-based kits and can also supply parts for the Kobra and Kalifornia. Completing the Classic Coachworks team is Ian’s partner, Belinda.

For more information contact or 07834 627 700 ENDS.



French racing driver, Jean-Philippe Dayraut founded Devinci Cars based in Saint-Sulpice-la-Pointe, located equidistant between Montauban and Toulouse, which are little electric cars inspired by Grand Prix cars of the thirties.

His 2018 quota of cars, the D417 has already sold out although Jean-Philippe has recently announced his 2019 model, the DB718, which is powered by a 19KWh lithium-ion battery, features an aluminium body and red leather (a choice of colour for €300 is available, with prices starting at €49,000.

Just 299 will be available. Visit ENDS.


We’re becoming known for our car care reviews, where we like to bring you news of products and companies you may not have heard of.

ADS Car Care is one such small operation and they recently sent me a bottle of their Bubblegum Detailer. For a start, it smells like a Bazooka Joe (remember them?) but aside from that, they said I’d be impressed with it and I was…

It’s a spray-on; wipe off gloss detailer, perfect for a quick restorative clean up or as a way of adding gloss between waxing.

A 500ml spray bottle costs just £11.99 and is available from More >


Having chosen to build your system with Aeroflow’s great looking anodised aluminium AN fittings the last thing you want to do is mar them during installation.

These Aeroflow Vice Jaws will hold the fittings securely while it is assembled without a hint of scratching their anodised surface.

The back of the jaws have strong magnets that hold the jaws firmly in place in the vice and also soft nylon jaws that provide extra protection to the finish of the fittings.

The jaws are available in two styles: billet hard anodised aluminium with either a normal mouth (-06 to -10 AN) or a large More >


When replacing a spot-welded panel, whether repairing accident damage on a modern car or fitting new bodywork to a classic or kit car, the spot-weld has to be removed cleanly and quickly, leaving the panel underneath undisturbed.

Because of the spot-welding process, the metal around the spot-weld has become hardened, so it can be difficult to drill with an ordinary drill bit, plus this will damage the panel underneath. These three new sets from Laser Tools offer two different types of spot-weld remover and offer a complete solution for a variety of panel materials and spot-weld sizes.

The spot-weld cutter set (part More >


A sudden loss of oil pressure can destroy an engine in seconds. The standard 7lb oil pressure switch fitted to classic Minis often gives the warning too late to save the engine, however.

Mini Spares’ new uprated 20lb oil pressure switch activates the warning light when the oil pressure drops to 20lbs giving the driver a precious few extra seconds to shut down the engine.

The Mini Spares uprated 20lb oil pressure switch can be ordered as part number HPS1 and costs just £22.28 inc VAT. Seems like a small price to pay to protect your A-Series engine.

More information from 01707 607 More >

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