Loving the pale blue ‘Gulf’ colour of this quality quick detailer from Illusion Car Care or Illusion QD with Gloss Enhancer to use its correct name.

It’s safe on all surfaces and has a lovely bubblegum scent but not like most others, Bazooka Joe.

It goes on evenly thanks to the quality spray trigger (massively important, to me) and evaporates quickly. I always like to see if the claims that products are ‘wax and coating safe’ are true and this one didn’t harm my previously applied sealant, but definitely did leave a radiant gloss. It flashes very quickly making it very to remove and buff to a high gloss finish.

I also like the fact that it doesn’t leave a white haze on plastic trim unlike some detailers and it is very easy on; easy off.

Impressive especially at just £7.95 for a 500ml spray bottle. More information from www.illusioncarcare.co.uk ENDS.