Vehicles with cockpits exposed to the elements – like many kitcars, are not the place for gauges that can’t stand water, dirt, or vibration. Longacre Racing makes analogue and digital gauges that are not only waterproof, they’re sealed against dirt and dust, and designed to resist vibration while providing accurate readings.

You won’t have to remove the gauges when you’re hosing out your vehicle, a nice plus. Mind you, I’d always advise against liberally hosing out a car’s interior. I’d be very worried about frying expensive electrical components. You know what happens if you inadvertently tip coffee on a computer keyboard, eh?

Take your choice from Digital Elite LED or SMi Elite analogue gauges. Both feature:

  • Illuminated dial with adjustable dimmer to increase daytime visibility and reduce glare at night
    • Adjustable warning settings for oil pressure, water temperature, fuel pressure, etc.
    • Available with or without sensors

Available Gauges
• Oil pressure, 0-120psi
• Water pressure, 0-60psi
• Fuel pressure, 0-15 or 0-120psi
• Water temperature, 100-280 degrees F
• Oil temperature, 0-340 degrees F
• Voltmeter, 8-18v
• 0-10,000rpm tachometer with high RPM, 100-lap average low and average high RPM recalls

You can also get Longacre Waterproof Gauges mounted and wired in stylish black panels, ready to bolt into your dashboard. The panels come with all the necessary sensors.

Summit Racing also carries Longacre’s AccuTech SMi Memory Tachometer. The analogue tachometer uses a stepper motor that provides more accurate readings than tachs with air core movements. It reads from 0 to 10,000rpm, has a two-stage light you can use as a high RPM warning light or a shift light, and a high RPM recall.