New from Mr Elderfield and his incredibly helpful team at Rally Design in Swalecliffe is this cool Blackline LED balance-bar display.

Dave told me: “This product has taken some while to develop, the interaction between the detent knob, gearbox ratio, potentiometer and LED display was difficult to achieve, it was important that one click of the detent knob revealed a new LED light in the display.”

Anyone who has seen a driver, with his head in the footwell, trying to determine the position of the balance bar bearing within the brake pedal will see the value of this innovative product.

Meanwhile, there’s the rally driver who has left the brake balance on full front and goes straight-on at the first hairpin or the race driver who has left the brake balance on full rear and spins at the first corner.

The RD Blackline kit includes 3/8in UNF and 7/16in UNF drive cable adaptors, 700mm drive cable, 20 LED display/digital circuits, 12v input power.

Top-quality Blackline product at a competitive price £108.56 inc VAT.

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