A very cost-effective product, pH Neutral INFINITY Snow Foam from dMAX landed on my doorstep the other morning.

A lemon smell that to be honest wasn’t that attractive not when you can go to the extreme lengths of finding snow foams smelling like watermelon or indeed, Cherry Bakewells!

It also appeared runnier than most others but with a dilution rate of 10:1, it certainly should go far. I found that because it is so watery dosage is tricky, but less is more.

Levels of foam and suds were very high with a lot of cling and long dwell time on offer here (at least ten minutes).

No water spots or residue and it was a cinch to get a good result following the next step of shampoo-ing. A 1-litre bottle costs just £9.99. More information from www.dmaxglobal.com ENDS.