With trackdays back on the agenda – thankfully! – this piece could well be of interest if your car has a ‘beefy’ exhaust!

Some years ago, Merlin Motorsport designed their own simple supplementary silencer/muffler.

It’s a round box 4in in diameter, 8 inches long. It has 2in perforation in the bore and is packed with E-Glass.

We weld a short length of exhaust tube at one end and slip it over the exhaust. The end cap on the other end is tacked on with four welds so it’s possible to grind out the weld and repack the E-Glass. See more on the MERLIN MUFFLER.

The muffler can fit over the exhaust, in which case they’d cut a slot, which allows it to slide over the exhaust and secure with a clamp.

It can also be fitted inside the exhaust and secured by drilling a small hole and using a self-tapper. If you do this the scrutineer at the track will require you to fit a hose-clip around the exhaust tube and over the self-tapper to make sure that it does not vibrate out.


More information from www.merlinmotorsport.co.uk ENDS.